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Author Topic: Lush escorts, who's the best, any recommendations  (Read 1511 times)

Now that Asian beauty Ash has gone.. And she was real good, up for anything

Offline Borat

Most of the young ones are really good. I can't remember their names but I always get a good un from there. Although may have got a bad one but can't remember who it was.

Offline GBush

What kind of service are you looking for? 
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Offline GBush

And are you trying to avoid their EE's
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Love EE girls, just want a girl like Ash, sexy and does what there profiles say eg OWO or CIM
Hate it when girls don't do as advertised and I don't want to waste time or mony

Offline GBush


She is young, slim, pretty and sexy as hell. I facefucked her and she does CIM or facial. She used to offer anal as well but I think this is off the table now.
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Offline GBush

I've just checked the site and Maria seems to have dissapeared.  That's a big shame but she did say she was giving up when college started.

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Thanks for the reply Gbush, any others who deffo do OWO, or CIM to replace lovely Ash??

Try Ashleigh. She is beautiful and hot. fucked her several times :D

U welcome. try her and share ur experience too  :cool:

had two experience here....... one an absolute disaster the other one of best girls iv ever met......

the disaster......like being with a grumpy teenager....miserable throughout, barely said a word...very attractive which made it fairly odd experience. paid for an hour and tried to leave after 35 mins and tried to tell me despite her pretty poor english that it was me who couldnt tell t he time..... tbf i complained and got discount next time.....

and the other....... absolute gem. had amazing time,  maybe the best iv ever got on with a girl, so good we arranged a 'date' the following week and saw her regularly for 3 months before she sadly moved to america...... fair to say im still in mourning......... :( :(

so um...ye that helps.......  :unknown:

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