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Author Topic: Michaela HOD - Okay  (Read 415 times)

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Place: HOD 1
Time: 30 minutes
Cost: £70
Nationality: Romanian


Coms and Location:

Coms with HOD maid good. Location decent and well reviewed.


Michaela is very nice. Very friendly. But she lies. She is Romanian but might try to tell you otherwise.

She was dressed in black underwear and high heels. She is quite petite but not skinny like her stablemate Alana. She smokes and I could taste it on her breath when kissing. Kissing is not DFK but more LK. It was quite nice and sensual though (apart from the fag breath).

She does offer OWO. Which is delivered quite well. And, increasingly rare for a HOD girl these days - it wasn't with a wet-wipe in hand.

I don't know why, but she just didn't do it for me really. She is nice enough but I just didn't find her to be very sexy. I have included a representative photo so you know exactly what you are getting. That might be a personal preference. So I suppose you could say she was almost a GFE - if the "G" was a girlfriend you have had for about a year and are no longer particularly excited about. She is the kind of girl that I would happily go out for a drink with, have a laugh with but not be that bothered if I didn't shag her at the end of the night.

I had sex with her in missionary and doggy. She made fake porno noises and dirty talk (which I am not a fan of at all) which some guys might like. I came in her at which point is was hands straight down there for the condom and clean up.

Have any of you guys got a second pop at HOD on a 30 min punt? I have been to HOD a lot and am ALWAYS made to feel once you pop once on a 30 min - that is it! Would welcome any contrary experiences.

It was an okay punt with an okay girl. Nothing special at all. Nothing really even to write about (I had trouble stringing this review together) as it was so uneventful. I can't really give it a negative because (1) she seems like a nice enough girl, and (2) I think some of you other guys would actually quite like her.

I won't repeat.

Representative photo:

Only used hod 2 times. Saw Nadia who had a superb bod, and Amy who was decidedly average looking. One of those set ups that has never really caught on with me.

Offline yumyum3

I mostly go for 45 mins when I'm there but after your question was sure I could remember popping twice in half an hour and found this:
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Offline akauya

Thanks for that review Puntico. Sometimes, even though the punt goes well, the prossie is good etc. we just don't click with the girl. Happened to me too a few times and recently when I saw Violet at Debbies.

As for your question about popping twice at HOD's in 30 mins. I did manage a few times but it depends on the girl, the weather, if the planets are aligned favourably and the wind is blowing the right direction. My best two pop sessions were with Pixie (great girl, no longer at HOD) also with Parissa and another girl whose name I cant remember. Lately I tried it with Chloe and although she was willing my cock wouldn't have any of it.

So it's one of those things I suppose.

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