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Author Topic: Lovely Lena - Nottingham  (Read 1110 times)

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Offline jimf67


£100 for 1 hour incall.

Comms before the meet were excellent, via email, call and text, with Lena sending me her full address before the meet. I texted her after parking up and promptly received a reply telling me to come up.

Out of the lift and she's waiting at her open door to let me in. Once inside, I'm offered a drink, the paperwork's sorted and down to business in the bedroom, with me told to take off all my clothes and lie on the bed.

As other reports have said, Lena's photos are a bit out of date, but she's pretty and quite "normal" in size, probably a 10 with enhanced boobs, which are not really obviously so.

We start off with a cuddle and a kiss, then Lena's dress is off and she's sucking my cock in very good balls-deep deepthroat. A few minutes of this, and then she turns round to present her pussy for 69, which she seems to thoroughly enjoy. Into RO for a bit then it's on with the rubber and she's riding me to my first happy ending!

A brief interlude for refreshments and I'm offered a Thai massage. I accept and then spend the next 20 minutes being prodded and pummelled in a most enjoyable way.

Turning back over and my cock is back in her mouth again as she gets me hard for round 2. She suggests mish first, and then we move onto doggy. She asked if I wanted to come in her mouth, i was going to, but was having such fun behind her I ended up coming in the rubber in her pussy while easing my thumb into her arse (which she also enjoys...) while she made cryptic comments about bum sex next time...  :thumbsup:

I'm offered a bath, but can't take up the offer as I have to be somewhere, so a quick face rinse, get dressed and I'm on my way with a peck on the cheek.

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable punt with a friendly, welcoming and very horny lady. Highly recommended.

As mentioned on her profile and elsewhere, Lena is leaving Nottingham soon (she hopes to be gone before Xmas), so if you want to see her here, be quick!

7 review(s) found for Lovely-Lena linked to in above post (7 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Online j122

while she made cryptic comments about bum sex next time...  :thumbsup:

You think that is on the cards with her?

Offline Iloveoral

With yet another good review about her I'll try at the weekend for a slot with her, thanks matey sounds like she was certainly worth a go

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