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Author Topic: Jenny LittleAngel - Cardiff - 23rd September  (Read 871 times)

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Offline Corus Boy

Just back from a visit to see Jenny LittleAngel;


Pictures are genuine and accurate.

Called at 10am, liked what I heard and booked for midday.

Postcode text arrived in a couple of minutes, checked location on Street Map, no issues, so confirmed straight away.

Plenty of on street parking but much is Residents Parking, other is public with two hours free.  I managed to park right outside the address.

Phoned for apartment number, call answered promptly and exact location given.

Rang the doorbell and I was buzzed straight in.  As I approached the flat door it opened and a delightful site stood there. 

From the front door to her bedroom was one step.  A clean and tidy but sparse room, bed, side table and clothes hooks on he back of the drawer.

Paid for and hour and Jenny took the money away.  On her return she told me that she would start with giving me a nice massage.  Jenny helped me undress then she removed her dress but kept on her lingerie, she looked good.

A oily massage followed, not firm but nice.  During this time Jenny slipped out of her lingerie and started grinding her pussy against my arse cheeks.

In due course the massaging hands slipped between my legs and started to relieve the stress she found there.

I rolled over and paid some oral attention to her large, pert nipples and some fingers to her very wet pussy.

Jenny moved to give me oral and reached for a condom, I asked if she did OWO, yes for extra.  Her first offer was £30, I said no and we settled on £20.

A wet wipe clean up followed and then some nice prolonged oral.

As my finger slipped in her pussy, she stopped me and told me she wanted my cock in her.

On with a condom followed by some energetic cowgirl until I came.

There was some “pecky” kisses but no FK let alone DFK.

All in all a good punt but 30 minutes would have been a better booking time.

Jenny is here until Sunday, returning in late October, but to a different location.

Thanks for the heads up Hugh.

3 review(s) found for Angel Thai linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline HughJardon

Another great attention to detail review CB, shes probably my fave girl at this venue, slightly over-shadowing Yaya  :drinks:

Offline ledley

Nice cb. I saw her twice last time she was down. She is nice looking, great body and amazing tits. Last time i saw her she was close to the westgate pub area, im guessing that is still the same  :hi:

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