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Author Topic: TLC-Club Birmingham- Tuesday 22 Sept Evening  (Read 2073 times)

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Naughty schoolgirl stuff or some other suitably slutty 'fantasy' stuff - it normally stays on for about 2 minutes.  :D

Or sometimes the stockings and basque stays on throughout the party, depending on preference of the girls & guys.

If you wanted a girl to take off her basque or stockings, or put something back on that was removed earlier, how would you go about it- is it a case of just asking?

Offline Teessider

That sounds like fun! Was going outside suggested by her or a punter?

That was at my suggestion, supported by vt, and Katrina was up for it.

But when we got outside and set up on the chair, I noticed she had goosebumps and it would have been unfair to keep her out in the cold.

On a warmer day, perhaps.  ;)

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