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Author Topic: Malta  (Read 823 times)


Heading over to Malta for a long weekend. Any punting tips?

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Did you search on here, before posting your query?

If not, on main UKP page, search using "Malta".

I got x38 hits. Admittedly, not all of them discuss punting in Malta, but at least that's a start.

If you still struggle on here, try the ISG site. If you don't know what I'm talking about, search on main UKP page,using "ISG" and that should give you a clue as to that website.
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Yup. Searched both and got nothing that really answers the question. Any help appreciated.

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I made a comment in the following thread. Not of much use if you've already read it, but for future reference:


Offline CoolTiger

Forgot to mention....

A quick search on AW showed x31 profiles located in Malta.

When I was in Paceville (St Julian's) a few years ago there were 2 or 3 strip bars there, all on the same (completely insane) street. I bet some of the girls in there (who were mainly Romanian) do some work on the side as well, if you know how to ask. In some of the other bars I spotted several obvious WGs too.

However, if you're only going for a weekend then you may need to get one or two bookings lined up in advance...

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