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Author Topic: Hot lists sorting  (Read 909 times)

Offline bigmc

I've got 3 lists.  A general one when I just search to see who I fancy seeing if I've nothing in particular on my agenda.  A quarantine list,  of girls with little or no feedback or no reviews to see how they get on,  and one shortlist of girls that are dead certs ( that stands at 16 atm)  some in my shortlist I've seen before but are return visit material.

Online cueball

I have quite an extensive list of hotlists....

New lasses, limited or no feedback or ukp chatter

I keep tabs on ex local barebackers, I don't want to see even an ex barebacker that's dropped it from her profile as she probably still offers it on the sly

Iron curtain
I tend not to see EE lasses, some don't put nationality but if it comes up in here then in she goes.

This is a mish mash of various lasses that I've put in just to keep an handle on.

Short list
List of lasses that are likely to see me in the future

The immediates
This is the list of the lasses that are top of my sniff list and I'm looking to see.

The lasses I've seen

Local lasses that are on my doorstep but I've not seen yet

Right money girls
Lasses that are on my budget, more to the point, my preferred budget

Over 30's ( just for keeping tabs on)

Under 30's (just for keeping tabs on)

All must be within my hour drive window

Lasses move from list to list as they move up or drop down in the likelihood of meeting.

I do like to plan :D

I'm with you on the planning, makes for a more successful punt, when I read a review and like the sound of her I'll HL her... Categories are my friend... like:

Work Area 1 ( protected for Anonymity)
Done  ( Conquests, even the odd one I hated)
For Future Ref ( sound good but might creep into my area)
Next                 ( Girls I promise myself are next)
VFM       ( Value for Money)
West London

Just did a count and there are 230 odd girls in there... Jesus... Most come and go but I can easily find at least someone on my list...If only you could make an off-line copy so that you don't have to rely on a mobile data signal.... ( I'm working on that)...

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