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Author Topic: Do anybody from Blue velvet work as a WG?  (Read 1246 times)

Offline Shazar

Does anybody from Blue velvet work as a WG? There is a girl there called Nikita and I love to know if she is.

I don't know unfortunately although I would love to know as some of the lasses in there are fit. I imagine some of them do it on the side but they may not advertise (might be a wait until the end of the night sort of thing when you go back to their place and shag)

Offline themademan2

There is one that works there but she retired from escorting now, if she comes back, I'll name her
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Offline Shazar

Thanks guys for the replies. Think ill just have to go and pay a visit and hope for the best.

I gave up lap dancing clubs a good few years ago when I realised what an absurd waste of money they are. You end up spending as much for next to nothing as you would on an hours punt.

I made a recent exception for a certain Ms LD of course  :)

Some of the lapdancers in there earn very good money.

Offline Shazar

Yeah they do and I figured it was a long shot but I really wanted Nikita. I guess I just have to find someone who look like her.

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