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Author Topic: Jesica Porno69 - Northampton  (Read 511 times)

Offline Owwhatanight


She looks like another fly by night EE girl. probably offer lots and do little,
But hey I may be wrong so Toftt and do a review.  :drinks:

Offline junky

I tired to book 1 hour with her today. everything was confirmed so off i went. I got to the location and text for her address then waited and waited and waited. I eventually got bored of waiting and im not one to chase them either, there are plenty of other girls in the area. so i left. 35 mins later she texts me her postcode. im looking at it like "huh" i already have this. Luckily for me, she only lives about 5 mins from me so not so much of a waste of time but i doubt i will try and see her again.

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