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Author Topic: Klaudia - at Mayas massage in Hammersmith  (Read 4999 times)

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Offline anton216


Thanks for everyone that reviewed this place. They certainly have a new regular.

Made a call earlier in the day and made a booking with Klaudia. She is fit as fuck. Very slim and a nice pair of tits and an ass to die for. The setup is a strange one as they are based in an office block and they occupy the ground floor. I didn't bump into anyone as its a Sunday and i arranged the booking for the evening. Not sure how it would be in the day. I arrived on time and was let in by Klaudia and was told to give her a few minutes, was told to sit down in the reception area. Now this is the only negative, i didn't know the previous punter was still in the shower. All of sudden the bathroom door (which was in front of where i was sitting) opened. A bearded guy in a bath towel popped out and headed straight to the room. Now that was an awkward moment. I asked Klaudia to use the toilet, and as i was using the toilet, he went out so didn't have to see him again. Phew!!

I went inside the massage room got Paperwork sorted. I opted for topless massage at £60 for the hour. I lay face down on the table. I can here her undressing. The massage itself could've been better but when it got to the sensual part, she knew what she was doing. Lots of cc swipes, massaging the balls and sensual strokes. Then she asked me to turn over, thats when i was surprised as i saw her naked for the first time. She had a lovely body. She was just wearing panties. Got a nice feel of her body and even got to suck on het tits before she gave me a wonderful hr and exploded all over her hand. I just lay there shivering. Had a quick shower. I was her last booking, so she was having a shower while i was getting dressed. As i was i leaving, she came out wearing the sexiest lingerie. She actually looked like those lingerie models. I had to pause and told her how beautiful she. She smiled and gave a hug and kiss while i was groping her arse. Then left a happy man.

Klaudia seemed liked a shy girl at first but opened up as the massage went along. She works only 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. She told me there are currently 2 massage rooms in the establishment and they are opening a third room from next week. I guess we have made them very busy all of sudden.

Would I return? Yes definitely.

And before you ask me about dress sizes and bra sizes, i dont know because I'm not good with sizes. Just go and see her, you won't be disappointed.

Offline anton216

Oh yeah, and next time I'll definitely go for the b2b.

Offline scarebear

Thats it. cant wait any longer!

Too many great reviews. Im definately fancy seeing all of them after a time.

Just wondering is there a rota so i can plan my trips or do you just phone them and ask whos on? 

Offline anton216

At the moment that seems to be the way. I didn't ask..

Offline oohisay

Is HR included in the £60, or is there an extra tip?

Offline bungry

I tried to make a booking for Klaudia today but was told she no longer works at Maya Massage.  If anyone knows or sees her popping up somewhere else please let me know.  Thx

Online webpunter

I like the look of Roxy - the black thai bird.  An interesting combo.  I'm gonna give them a call to see if she's still available

Offline scarebear

I had a great time with Lena and Isabella there but it looks like they are not there either now.


Offline Kaluuu276

Please can somebody give the exact address details in Hammersmith?

Please can somebody give the exact address details in Hammersmith?

Anyone with this info do it via PM. Seems obvious but just in case  :)

It's a shame if Klaudia has moved on. I'd like to know if she turns up somewhere else too.   

Offline random

I tried to make a booking for Klaudia today but was told she no longer works at Maya Massage.  If anyone knows or sees her popping up somewhere else please let me know.  Thx

I was told the same thing. I only wanted to go back there to see Isabelle or Klaudia again and now both have gone. What I don't understand though is why their add is still being updated even today with Klaudia's availability on their rota and her picture which looks like a new one.

Offline anton216

She did tell me she's a student and was doing this temporarily, on a part time basis. Maybe she's made enough money and moved on.

Booo at Klaudia leaving, Isabelle left recently too. As a previous poster mentioned she was also studying so most likely the massage was a part time venture

Offline Varn2015

Hi. Just visited yesterday & new girl Emma has a cracking figure, good personality but limited English.

Author Topic: Emma - Sensual Body To Body Massage in Hammersmith

In a hurry this morning but review on the above thread. Will try & put link in later - apologies  :crazy:

anyone knows what happened with klaudia? is she still in london? working? pls let me know,cheers

Offline cleggy

Banning reason: Touting banned site via PM

Offline G.Raff

Just in case this is the right Klaudia...


I don't think it's the same Klaudia, this one is a lot younger and looks different.

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