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Author Topic: Maria of Allure Escort Agency  (Read 2051 times)

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Offline themademan2


Booked for 30 min @ £50.

Well couldn't believe my luck today, only after cursing diamonds after seeing Maria's latest review reminiscing what a great fuck she was, she ends up popping up on my regular agency website with some FANTASTIC pics, especially compared to them crap photos on Diamonds site.  Now was my chance to finally see her again.

Made way to her street, semi detached houses with plenty parking, parked at top of street and walked my way down. Didn't feel like anyone was looking and was let straight in. "Well Mr ****, where u been hiding?" And straight into DFK, some passion or what involved, had waited a very long time for this after my self imposed ban from diamonds.  Maria was looking fit as fuck... Sexy high heels stockings short skirt and revealing top, just what I like  :cool: Her figure is amazing and what a sexy pair of legs, put some of the young ones to shame

We then made our way upstairs, in the room it was a bit of a frenzy, me trying to make chit chat, her wanting to fuck me like a long lost lover. I'm trying to strip off and her tugging me onto bed. Stood stripping off and she starts sucking me off on her knees hands free, heaven it was, she just knew exactly how I liked it. Managed to free myself from the rest of my clothes and drag her up for some DFK whilst she wanked me cock, both stood up, she then pulled me onto the bed.

Serious DFK with plenty of tongue hockey :P.  I'm flat on the bed now and she positioned between my legs licking my sack and wanking my shaft, licked well below my sack but sadly no rimming  :(

She then swallowed my cock for serious deepthroat owo. Time for fucking, she covers me up and slides up and down cowgirl. Full length wall mirrored wardrobe give that great view of her sliding up and down. Next she pops it straight into her ass, fucking fantastic. She sliding up and down and the view is awesome!

Decide to fuck her doggy at edge of the bed, so we adjust and I apply some saliva on her ass hole before Fingering her ass hole and then ramming it back up there, dipped her pussy amongst this and the view in the mirror had to be admired, even the dirty look of her staring me in the mirror knew she was well horny too.  Blew up her ass,  condom straight of and she's licking me clean ready for round 2 immediately!

I get really sensitive after coming so we had a little chat while she massaged me catching up, 5 mins in and she is reaching under to oil my cock up while I'm on my front. I arch my back up and she starts wanking my cock , turned over and she gave me a really oily hand job while seriously passionately kissing me and I blew my load again. She was up for round 3 but I was fucked.

Straight into shower for a wash. Absolutely love her walk in shower and range of toiletries, plenty towels too. Back in room getting changed and caught up. It is a delight to see her working at Allure and a proper sexy MILF too. An aphrodisiac I have missed for a while and a Duracell powered pocked rocket who just seems to love fucking like a machine.

For those who read my reviews, I've seen all the top milfs and reviewed the lot, Maria beats the lot. Loves her job and it shows, already have my next booking put in. She pretty much does everything too. :yahoo:

Like I said before figure puts some of the young ones to shame and service is second to NONE
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Offline OscarC

Sounds great. I'm partial to a good milf, and now that she is with Allure I might be tempted north of the water...

Offline Houdini

Great review. Sounds like my kind of girl. Glad she has signed up with Allure too.

Offline Tiger63

How do you keep finding these beauties?
She`s exactly what I like....fkin hate agencies but might take the plunge

Offline themademan2

Not in the habit of writing separate reviews for each meet for the same lass, so here is how my second round went with Maria after the day before :cool:

Had just come back from an excellent session with Vicky of Allure, wasn't too sure if I would be up for it again within the hour, was I wrong or what.  Arrived and let in promplty, straight into bedroom and she was already into DFK whilst tugging on my clothes. Pants round my ankles and straight into owo and licking my sack. Fumbling to take my clothes off eventually, we end up on the bed. Rock hard I was and condom put on then she straddled me cowgirl.

What she did next was weirdly sexy... She had a glass of orange squash on the side, she took a swig of it, then sort of let it dribble down her tits and chest and onto me and onto my cock the way she was positioned. She then put me back into her cowgirl and that squishy noise of my cock going in and out from the dribbling of the juice was so horny, and the sight of her wet chest. Blew my load.

Had a bit of chit chat and jumped in the shower. Transpires, she has actually left diamonds now. She was originally on both sites but different times.  Asked her what made her leave after all this time. She mentioned that she didn't agree to the new pricing structure and selling the services for different amounts at the same agency and making her look 'cheaper' at £50 compared to the ones that had upped the prices.

Fantastic value for money and a proper horny dirty MILF :timeout:
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Offline Rod trotter


Im however weary of the neighbours and cameras

Its in my head now
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Offline greychap


Im however weary of the neighbours and cameras

Its in my head now

Yes neighbours that are pissed off and know what is going on worries me too but saying that if TMM2 seems to think there is nothing to worry about and is happy to visit then probably ok.
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Offline Tiger63

Wouldnt bother me to be honest...if someone starts to give me shit they get the same back.

Thought the cameras were for something else up the street though.

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