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Author Topic: Seeking advice on this leeds escort - or do I need to TOFTT?  (Read 687 times)

Offline Oggers99

Hi guys.
I've got my house to myself for a while and I've had my eye on this outcall only wg for a while.  Has anyone out there seen her and can advise please?
She's got plenty of AW feedback and several repeat visits which is usually a positive. She ticks the boxes for my preferred age and size and price too. In the negative column - no reports on here and no face pics.
https://www.adultwork.com/1745163 or https://www.adultwork.com/LadyLay

Even if you haven't seen her I'd be happy to hear your wise words if you have an opinion.

Cheers guys


Offline stevedave

My only advice would be to be very wary inviting an escort into your home, especially if you don't live alone. If you have met her a few times before, maybe...but not for a first time meet. Just strikes me as way too risky.

Hence why I stick to incalls  ;)

why would you even consider calling any escort to where you actually live?, thats raving bonkers, go book a hotel.

Offline Oggers99

When I said my house I meant it in the loosest sense ie it's a flat work booked for a few of us while we've been working on a project. The other guys have left. Sorry for not being clearer and thanks for the concern.

I agree with both your sentiments and I wouldn't invite a wg to my real life home!!

Now hat's cleared up any views on the escort?

Offline stevedave

No longer active.

The first part of the link works, but for some reason the second part doesn't - odd.

OP - she looks ok, a bit older than my tastes but she looks to have a nice arse, and also takes it up it. If you go through with it, be sure to feed back  :hi:

she 45 on aw(so add another 5)  free flat, paid for  :yahoo: only issue i feel is if it went tits up, would it all land on your works door step?  :blush:

Cor! I'd go for it for sure. Only thing I could add is maybe invest £3 to have a butchers at her Private Gallery.... Might see some bigger and better (or face) pics to reassure you she's the real deal.

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