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Author Topic: Busty Zoe & Elizabeth - Swindon  (Read 397 times)

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Zoe - https://www.adultwork.com/2912335
I can't find Elizabeth's profile now (I think she was using the profile name Big Mama).

I saw Zoe and Elizabeth at the beginning of August. Had a 1 hour threesome with the two of them followed by an hour with just Zoe.

It was a bit of an odd punt for me - I'd been let down at 30 minutes notice by another girl. I then tried ringing a couple of girls I'd seen before but both were unavailable and so looked for a plan B on my mobile. I suspected I knew where Zoe was working from and so rang her and managed to arrange a short notice 2 hour booking, and then noticing she offered a threesome I asked if her mate could also join us for the first hour.


Zoe and Elizabeth were working from a modern apartment in Swindon Old Town. Easy parking on the street. Access via intercom from the street and then private entrance to the flat. The flat is discreet and safe, clean and tidy.

The girls

Zoe is a busty Polish blonde is her early 30s. I'm not really into blondes but I'd say she is attractive with a great body and lovely big tits, a pleasant personality and fairly good English.

Elizabeth is a big Polish blonde, again I think in her 30s. She spoke very little English. I'd asked Zoe if she could join us without seeing her and to be honest I didn't really fancy her at all. Still, in for a penny and all that...

The Punt

Maybe I was flustered from rushing around making last minute arrangements or perhaps it was because it was my first threesome or perhaps because I wasn't into Elizabeth but I didn't overly enjoy the first hour of the booking, though it was ok. After a shower, both girls joined me on the bed and took turns to give me OWO. Zoe then rode me in cowgirl switching to doggy before a change of condoms and fucking Elizabeth in missionary. Finally Zoe finished me off by hand whilst I played with Elizabeth's pussy.

It was a hot day so I took a second shower to cool off and then Zoe joined me alone for the next hour. We started off with a massage on me followed by me giving her a massage, moving down to Oral on her which she seemed to enjoy. We switched to oral on me and then fucked in several positions. Zoe gives good oral and the sex is ok, my only criticism of her service would be that she wouldn't kiss at all and a lack of eye contact during sex. If it weren't for the lack of kissing I'd have probably rated this as a positive but as it stands I think neutral is appropriate.

Still, an enjoyable time was had. I don't regret seeing her but I probably wouldn't book again.

3 review(s) found for Busty_Zoe_ linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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