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Author Topic: Little Honey Jessica - Peterborough  (Read 602 times)

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I've seen LHJ a few times and she is very well (and positively) reviewed on here. A very fit young girl who has a deep tan, and the smallest little frame. She could easily pass for considerably less than her 21 years. She told me she gets asked for ID if she buys alcohol and I don't doubt that one bit.

She is facially very pretty, and has a very young and firm body. She has about 450 feedbacks on her the purple site, so she is very experienced, but somehow she doesn't come across as being having been used that much. She still seems very fresh and is very very tight.

She deep French kisses well, with good eye contact. In my opinion her OWO is second to none. She has a fantastic technique, and deepthroats with no complaints whatsoever. She always takes a mouthful of cum and swallows the lot. She once told me she genuinely loves swallowing cum and enjoys 'taking a bit of her clients home with her'. Dirty girl, but brilliant.

She is very flexible and sex with LHJ is brilliant in all positions but I love doing her in doggy. She has a fit little arse and I love getting hold of it while I'm fucking her. When the position allows she will snog your face off while fucking you.

Jess could clearly be a model, with a face, body, legs and arse to die for. That, along with the good range of services she offers, including being a self confessed cum addict who loves to swallow (huge turn on for me) and/or take a full facial, means that in my opinion she offers great VFM at £130 p/h. I'm certain that one day soon she will end up on a £350 per hour London escorts site, or worse still she will get snapped up by a rich city boy or footballer and give up the game all together. She's normally in Peterborough a couple of days a week, and does tour elsewhere occasionally. So go and see her while you can is my recommendation. She may be slow to reply to some people, but persevere with her, because my god she is worth it.

13 review(s) found for littlehoneyjessica linked to in above post (13 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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