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Author Topic: Girls on AdultWork don't look pretty, but are better than agencies. What gives?  (Read 1387 times)

Offline Malvolio

Yes this girl is 'escort of the month' or some such on Park Lane and Mayfair Escorts. Is it heavily photoshopped? Despite being part of generation Y I have little understanding of how to spot a 'shop.

Take another look at that picture - nobody has a skin tone like that in real life.

Offline akauya

I maybe wrong but MrRiz here continuously banging on about agencies maybe is playing the long game and getting ready to tout for an agency. I can just imagine him doing a review like this: Hey guys guess what I booked this girl from this agency and she was amazing blah blah blah.

For those foolish enough to fall for the agencies' heavy photoshopping watch this; it will bring you back to the real world.


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