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Author Topic: 36 stone for price of 6, dump truck not included  (Read 1058 times)

Offline Marmalade

I wonder if the £300 outcall charge includes the forklift truck?

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Offline James999

She looks like she should have a basket hanging down with sightseer's in it

Offline Marmalade

That would be ween her arse cheeks that says,

"balloons with their money welcome"

wouldnt say it is anything to be proud about being the biggest escort in the uk  :thumbsdown:

Offline mattylondon

wouldnt say it is anything to be proud about being the biggest escort in the uk  :thumbsdown:
I thought the fatest prossie in the UK was this one?  :hi:  I won't argue over a difference of 1 stone, however.

It appears the really obese ones call themselves SSBBW's? I can't see anything beautiful about her, although I appreciate that looks are subjective. Frankly deluded, in my opinion, but if she can earn money looking like that, fair play to her.  :vomit:


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Offline mattylondon

they are the same person ?
Indeed they are!! Well lets call that teamwork then! I hadn't bothered to check out the AW link, just remembered her name! :lol: :lol:  :blush:

So she's supposedly 36  :rolleyes: Oh and 35 stone 12lbs! Probably too old for Anth though.  :D

Offline James999

God help anyone if she farts in that position........ :scare:  :vomit:

It would probably take about 2 days to find it's way out  :scare:

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