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Author Topic: Busty Nicky - Bristol  (Read 691 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/567864 or https://www.adultwork.com/busty+nicky

this is not to be confused with BustyNiki in Cardiff - completely separate WG,  and this is a review of a meeting a few years ago.

I'd had Nicky on my HL for a little while so decided to book with her - was about £80 for the hour if i remember rightly.  Comms were fine - got directions ok,  parked up and called her for house number - nice, safe estate on outskirts of Bristol. 
what was weird though,  was as i said goodbye after getting the house number she said "he's just coming now", she hadn't hung up the phone so i heard this,  alarm bells were ringing but i carried on,  i shouldn't have.

got in the house,  clean,  modern,  no problem,  Nicky was definitely older than she had on AW,  she still advertises as 40,  even when i saw here a few years ago i would say older than 44.  body was ok,  breasts weren't particularly large and face was quite weathered.

in the bedroom we got undressed,  had a little cuddle and play then i had to ask her for a BJ,  at this point she got a condom out, i was not impressed,  unfortunately neither was the old chap,  and he decided to protest this by going into hiding.  I had to ask her not to use a condom and give me OWO ,  which she did but rather reluctantly and seemed suprised i asked,  the resulting action was very  lacklustre and amateur, she wasn't really into it.

I did manage to get it up, so did put on the condom so i could get in her,  and i just wanted to finish off as i just did not feel comfortable at all in the house,  just had a strange feeling.  the only think Nicky did enthusiastically as i was putting on the condom was pull her labia lips telling me they were quite large and she could stretch them.

I didn't last long inside here as i just wasn't up for it all ,  so ended up wanking myself off over her tits to finish.  during this i did notice she was looking at the built in wardrobe but didn't think too much of it.

In hindsight this was one of the most disappointing punts i remember as she wasn't really into it and we really didn't click.

But the more i thought about it i do think there may have been someone watching in the wardrobe.  I have no real evidence of this to back up my theory.

2 review(s) found for busty nicky linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Oh dear...............but why so long with the review?

I've been meaning to do it since i joined up (only a few months ago) but kept forgetting - i was prompted today by a review of BustyNiki on the wales review board so thought i'd best put it on here. Hence why i did quite a few reviews today. 

I've tried to be transparent by honestly stating this was a few years ago so no-one is under the illusion this is recent.

One to avoid then.  :scare:
that photo of hers has been consistent since her first day on 30/06/2008

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