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Author Topic: New to the Punt  (Read 1070 times)

Hi there! I'm new to punting, I just posted my first review in the review section. My first experience was with BustyNiki down the Bay, which was very good fun, last week I saw another girl as BustyNiki wasn't available and I saw a girl Hot Lisa (https://www.adultwork.com/2658712) in Overstone Court, which, while not as good, was still a decent half hour.
I keep hearing about the HNDF? and a girl called Nicky there, is she worth a visit?

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The Hungarian Nut Draining Factory refers to about 4/5 girls who work out of a flat down by ferry road.

Usually very good service at a reasonably price.

Hannah is back - and she is well worth a visit if you need a good draining!

Nicky is on holiday ( gutted because i was hoping for a booking ) sweet Carla is a pretty good pint and reasonable at £60 for the half hour. The general consensus on here is to avoid Romanians, they're a waste of time. But in fairness the 1 punt i have had with one was ok maybe I'm lucky  :D

Offline SirFrank

Welcome to the site. Not sure what your tastes or budget are but some good girls in the region providing good a service. Lots of shit around too
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Cheers guys. My budget is quite limited, so BustyNiki was great value at £90 for the hour, looking at other prices. I think I am gonna stick with half hour sessions unless I really want to push the boat out! I think my next visit will be to the HNDF, I hear so much praise for it.

After much browsing, after I get paid, Carla is getting my next booking. She looks AMAZING.

Offline SirFrank

Carla is fit alreeet. Great natural tits and pretty too. Good value but the service is a little vanilla
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My plan is Carla next week hopefully to get the feel of the HNDF, then Nicky when she comes back I think.

Get on it. Fake moaning aside she is a good punt. The view of her arse while fucking her doggy is almost worth the admission price alone

Offline ThatLadJ

For my next punt I'm looking at MissWelshKandice, for the same money and an outcall is there any finer? Same build/looks?

Offline Redevil86

Seen Carla and Welsh Kandise, both very good, both very different, Carla lovely girl, want to see again,  Kandise more full on, definitely will see again.

Offline Redevil86

Sex is more intense, more lustfull, more dfk, more like your having a steamy section with a lover, hence the price but worth every penny to me.

Offline ThatLadJ

Then that's just made up my mind, job done! Thanks

Offline Redevil86

No problem , but do visit  both and others, variety is the spice of life, yes, I found them different in there own ways but both worth seeing, all part of the fun and gives you perspective and experience in to the world of punting.

Well, that's tonight's girlfriend booked up ;)

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