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Author Topic: Emma - GEA / EEA - Edinburgh  (Read 632 times)

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From my nickname, you'll understand that Glasgow and Edinburgh are both regular punting grounds for me, so I've used GEA and EEA many times. Service and standards have varied over the past 15 years or so, but in the last month I have experienced new highs and lows.

The LOW first!

CHRISSY (couldn't get link to work on mobile - absolutely shite for users btw. Calender especially is woeful!!)

I booked Chrissy in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago, but even with a couple of hours notice, she managed to turn up half an hour late with me standing about outside with the weegie drug dealers sticking out like a white man in Govanhill.  :(  Reception - helpful enough when I phoned him, but I had to chase and chase and chase. Not exactly brilliant customer service.

The current flat south of the river makes me very uncomfortable.  Three flat entry doors together in a broom cupboard hallway, and paper thin walls - surely the neighbours have twigged? That and the fact that you can hardly swing a cat in it, but enough of the facilities. No fluffy towels btw Taz!

Chrissy turned up (I met her outside) and in fairness is a stunning wee thing! As described, cute face, tiny wee body which is fit as...!  So despite the blatant lack of remorse for her late arrival (sorry never crossed her mind, nevermind her lips) up we went.

I should of course have followed SOP and asked what she did, but as usual the little head was thinking, not the big head. What a mistake. Kiss? Yes - with shut lips and screwed up eyes. not a tongue in sight!  Off with the clothes and wow - worth a few quid just to see (more of that later).  BJ - covered (and I was clean -always am) - she just wasn't doing owo - ever or so she said. Fingering? - Yes. Dry as a bone, and not even a pretence at enjoyment. Oral on her? Yes - again, she'll never get an Equity card! And finally fuckin? Thankfully yes, but I'd have had more fun with the pillow to be honest.

So Chrissy - 2/10 for turning up and letting me touch you! She is a dancer at one of the Glasgow clubs - worth a viewing but that's it. See her there instead. £150? No fucking way!!!   :thumbsdown:

Which brings me to the good, or rather the excellent, and the real reason for my review.

EMMA - again couldn't get link to work on mobile :/

After Chrissy, I was in two minds whether or not to book again with the agency. So I let rip with a rant about Chrissy, expecting the usual non response.  How wrong I was! I got Jo, one of two new female receptionists, who was simply excellent!!! She should get a bonus for turning a very disgruntled and unhappy chappy into a man with a smile on his face! Pure 110% customer focused service. Not only did she listen to my rant, she took on board what I had to say. She then went the extra mile, or ten, when arranging my meeting with Emma! Jo - you are a star!!

Now Emma! She had been told of my disappointment with Chrissy, but tbh I don't think that meant I got treated that much different from any other punter. She is just a natural people person who loves to please.

I arrived at the Edinburgh flat - so different from the Glasgow one. Candles, fluffy towels, plenty of room, a lovely shower, and best of all - discrete.

No sooner was I in the door than Emma was kissing me. Despite a few tatts - which I usually don't  go for, but hers suit her well - she is the ideal Girl Next Door! Fantastic figure, beautiful face, and captivating blue eyes. Her wee flowery dress didnt stay on long, first punt of her day and before the knickers were off, my fingers were enjoying her moist pussy!  Off we went for a shower together...

The rest is between me and her. But for completeness, she delivered absolutely everything I asked of her.  She is very adventurous, and very obliging! I left as happy as a man could, and will be back - several times.

Emma 10/10 - no hesitation in recommending, other than I would prefer she wasn't fucked dry before I see her again!!

And Jo - 10/10 too!

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Thanks for the reviews Falkirk GND
Good to see more options at GEA.


Work both Glasgow and Edinburgh

I agree with your review of Chrissy. She's a wee babe it's a pity she doesn't do much. Not value for money.
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