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Author Topic: Vivienne Diamant hounslow  (Read 2168 times)

5 review(s) for Vivienne Diamant (4 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Hand job
Oral with protection
Penetration (Protected)

Price: £60 per half hour

Comm's: Via phone text's, herself i think.

Location: Flat in small block, Clean small double bedroom with a good bed, quite a few stairs though.
 Tube = Hounslow central (8 min walk)

Would I visit again: probably not (no eye contact)

Pictures: No photoshop and are fair to good (face shots in PG). Body wise she looks slimmer and shorter (than I thought she be).

The girl: Mid to Long Blonde hair, size 6-8, 5.5, Early 20s, real tits (B/C cup), Sweet looking W/G (when she smiles).

No clock watching, I was early and was forced to wait in the rain. keeps her eyes shut all the way through from oral with to penetration.

5 review(s) found for Vivienne Diamant linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Online The_Don

Been looking at this profile and was going to TOFFT.

Looks nice, but looks alone doesn't mean a good punt!

As with any W/G YMMV  :hi:

is it the same girl shown in the current profile? She looks pretty, but no way is she a size 6-8 - she's a 10 at least. And quite disappointing Bristols for someone of her... carriage.

grateful for clarification.

Yup the same but she looks like she gained a bit more weight

Offline punter99

Guess I should have learn't what to expect from OP. Anyways, she fitted the brief of what I like (genuine sub, decent looking), so I thought I would make a booking (shes now by Borough station, not Hounslow). Booked via the AW system yesterday, for an appointment this morning, and heard nothing back. Chased up with an email that evening to ask if she could confirm, and received brief confirmation. The fact that I needed to chase should have been enough of a warning to leave this one alone, but I fancied the punt, so onwards.This morning, I phoned to get address before setting off, but phone just went to 'leave a message'. Set off anyway, as had the booking confirmed and knew which station she was nearby. On arrival, tried to phone again for address - no answer. Texted to say, "I'm here, whats the address please", and waited, then received the first of many "TXT PLS!" replies from her. Eventually received address via text, and the place was a bugger to find. Turned out to be a large complex of appartments behind a supermarket. Texted again to say, OK have now found the appartments, whats the flat number please. No reply. Tried phoning. "TXT PLS!". Eventually, I get instruction to buzz the conceige, and go to the lifts. I thought this would be a straight buzz myself in, but the conceige thought otherwise, and started asking my business. At this point, and to save any potential embarassment, I walked. Needlessly to say, all I can advise is, comms on this one are dire. Maybe I had a bad day, but what a wasted morning, and if this is how she handles business, probably best to steer well clear.
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Looks great. But no owo is off putting alone.

Offline punter99

Have to admit, that nearly put me off too. Main draw was I wanted a sub and she looks and sounds great, but no OWO for a sub is odd. Her attitude (judged by experience this morning) is very poor. Guess I was spoilt with my last experience being the divine (and sadly retired) Elle Independant, who was the complete opposite when it came to comms and professionalism. The pictures in her private gallery show a much younger and more innocent and toned version, and were probably taken a few years ago.
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I saw Vivienne twice in Hounslow before she moved and put her price up from 80 to 120ph. I got OWO, FK and eye contact. Beautiful face, smallish boobs and for me the best legs I've ever touched (although I'm sure 98% of you will disagree and say they are too big). No clock watcher as we over ran by 10mins.

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