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    Author Topic: Any WGs on Cathedral Rd?  (Read 1080 times)

    Offline rsoft

    I've got stupid question, but do you know any girls working on cathedral road or somewhere really close like (max 10m walk) from around SWALEC stadium on Cathedral Rd?

    Curvy pin up ruby isn't too far away but price has gone up to £80 for the half hour. While she is a good punt there is better vfm out there ( Hungarian girls and Jodie loves cock ) both equally as good ( if not slightly better ) and easier on the budget. All the best though

    Anyone got an update for this thread?
    I am this side of town Sunday

    I can personally recommend Sweet Amy:
    [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    A couple of Hugh's recent reviews have been near the Swalec:
    [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]
    [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    Ah, that's a shame, Amy's good.  [[Link hidden, login to view]] is near Amy, but I don't think she does weekends (and is not full service anyway so may not be what you are looking for). 

    I don't know anyone else that close to the Swalec.  Could you walk to the station and get the train down the Bay?  More choice down there.

    Offline Corus Boy

    [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    CF11 9JE

    Offline Redevil86

    If she's half as good as her profile for £100 ! If there was no phone number I'd  say S C A M !

    But so tempting.  LMAO, you'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now...

    Offline Corus Boy

    Phone went straight to voicemail and her mailbox was full!

    So limited English is my guess.

    I received a text almost immediately, "Text me pls XXX"

    I asked for a location.  Immediate response.

    I'm tempted for later next week.  I will report back if it happens.

    Offline HughJardon

    If "ifs and butts we're Candies and nuts" we'd all have a merry X'mas  :rose:

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