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Author Topic: Missdee2015  (Read 638 times)

Offline fick87

Anyone seen this girl folks ?

Supposedly experienced, so hopefully someone recognises her or her cleavage.:)

Been thinking about seeing this one for a while but not quite sure?

She looks quite hot (& filthy) in some pics but then others make her look dog-rough with saggy tits & quite chubby!!!  :scare:

May wait for someone to toftt 1st!

Any reviews will be greatly appreciated  :thumbsup:

Offline HughJardon

Just send her a polite message regarding dress size, for me I wont podge anything over a size 14 but that size 14er has to be smoking  :lol:

Offline Scarlet0

Avoid. Walked. Hadn't even brushed her teeth...
Banning reason: Posting trash

Avoid. Walked. Hadn't even brushed her teeth...

I somehow got the impression that she wasn't the cleanest of girls from her pics!

Think i'll give this one a wide birth!

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