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Author Topic: China Health Massage Gosport  (Read 1066 times)

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Offline snagz

http://www.chinahealthmassage.co.uk/ and a quick search on Gumtree.

After my last visit where only had a good massage for 30mins, I thought I'd have more luck with an hour visit for £40.

So different lady this time in her mid 30s, good figure and not bad looking. Walked in and again got called through from round the corner. I asked for an hour's massage and gave over £40. Stripped off and jumped on the table.

Very nice back massage with plenty of chatter, on to my legs where she went right up to my crack which I raised to give her better access. Lots more swipes later and she wiped off the oil with paper towel. Then she applied more oil to her hands and went for more massaging, really focussing in on my crack and sack which really got the blood flowing.

Then got asked to turn over then the magic question came "would I like happy massage" :cool: Yes, Yes I do was my reply. Then she either said £30 or £20 but couldn't work out which so said I only had a tenner so maybe next time. To this she said "ok as it's your first time" :yahoo:

So more oil applied and she went to work with a few encouraging moans and soon I popped. Thank you very much.

£50 well spent on a decent massage with HE. Would I return? I plan to in a couple of weeks hopefully to try another lady.

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