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Author Topic: Pornstar Sarah?  (Read 5868 times)

Offline Golovkin

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2898298 or https://www.adultwork.com/pornstar%5Fsarah - Get QR Code
Anybody no which pornstar this is and has anybody seen her?


I have seen her PG and she looks very decent - However no idea what her porn stage name is?

Offline wristjob

Hidden feedback, 4 disputes - wow that's not amazing. Looks like a pile of crap to me, anybody who is remotely serious about getting escort business would manage to stretch to more than 1 free pic to "show off their wares".

Offline Golovkin

Yeah doesn't look great advertises herself as a pornstar but doesn't have any pictures of herself in movies or tell you her porn name

A quick reverse image search of her profile pic with tineye comes up with this: http://www.nakedneighbour.com/sara-stevens-posing-in-stockings

Googling Sara Stevens leads to this: http://www.freeones.com/html/s_links/Sara_Stevens/

Which mentions the alias Bonnie Wood. That name leads to a few videos on tube sites. Looks like she's done a few for Killergram.

You can hear her yorkshire accent on the vids so the profile is probably real, but the feedback is almost all for camming.

She has three for escorting. One of them has zero feedback, another has two, and the last one has only received camming ratings himself.

I advise caution, especially for £160 an hour!

No problem mate. Always glad to help.

Offline Golovkin

I think if all the other information is correct which I think it is then yes that's her

Offline bazza

does any of you have a link to her videos? i have tried and failed! would at least like to see her in action, i have been emailing her but things don't quite add up either she doesn't meet or she thinks she doesn't have to make any effort or something, i just can't quite put my finger on it. shame as if her location was good id deco be round.

Offline Golovkin

Hope that helps you out keep us posted on how you get on

Offline neddedhed

This one seems to be a dangerous vindictive stalker type.

She responded to a reverse booking I placed on-line on the Saturday for the following Monday evening and I accepted.

Unfortunately, I got hit by a large expense over the weekend and there's not much hope I'll be punting for a while now. So I sent her an email Sunday morning explaining that I could no longer go ahead and cancelling the booking. I then removed my AW account to avoid any temptation in the next couple of months, also it's time to cycle it for another one anyway. Even if she didn't read the email she still had to call me to confirm so I could give her the meet location.

Anyway I get a text from her Sunday asking if the meet still going ahead on Monday. I explain not and apologise.

She then sends me a series of abusive texts calling me a rat etc etc for deleting my account etc etc and ranting on about how she was going to wait for me to reactivate it and file a report or some such.

I was polite I explained that it would be unlikely to be reactivated as I'd scrambled the password etc, she got more irate more threats of filing reports etc.

I responded by saying I was cancelling nearly a day and a half before and she had time to rearrange another booking elsewhere. I had emailed her, and there was no way she would have ended up making a wasted trip to see me because she would have had to have contacted me to get the address.

Finally I apologised for the inconvenience.

It would appear however that this nut job has now got a full on vendetta against me and I got a text this morning saying "I know who you are", she didn't elaborate but maybe I'll get a Christmas card.

In any case if this is the way she deals with a booking being cancelled 36hours before it's due to go ahead then I would suggest everyone stays well clear. I would expect that to elicit such a strong response she either has financial issues, drug issues or mental health issues.

« Last Edit: March 07, 2016, 11:55:43 AM by neddedhed »

She's just bid on a reverse booking for me, tempted as she looks hot and has more pics than previously and generally decent feedback. Anyone had any recent experience? Also trying to see if her pics match up to the name Bonnie Wood. Not sure if they do or whether she's had all her work done since!!

I wanted to meet her years ago but she disappeared before I had the chance. £180ph is expensive though

Offline stevedave

I wanted to meet her years ago but she disappeared before I had the chance. £180ph is expensive though

She does look fit, if she's been on babestation a while chances are I've bashed one out to her haha! £180 is definitely out of my price range though, and the post from neddedhed above is more than enough to make me think twice, even if the price didn't.

Shes bidded on my reverse bookings twice, ive never met her & yes she does look fit, but she always bids way to much on my bids, i paced a bid for £220 for two hours in scunthope back in february & she comes along with £400  :D yeah right! Not in this life time, for two hours, you can get an overnight stay for that, and if you look at her likes everything is at her discretion

Offline Golovkin

Since when do you bid over the asking price that seems stupid if they don't like the offer don't bid. :wackogirl:

I plan on meeting her if she starts doing incalls. I right fancied her years ago so she high on my to do list.

Offline Iblisuk

 :wackogirl: one hundred and eighty quid on a relitively unknown quantity......she can foook right off.  :hi:
Banning reason: Making false claims against moderation

LOL iblisuk, my thoughts exactly  :lol: :yahoo:

Looks like she's left the adultwork site now

Offline p3ngu1n

Wouldn't surprise me if she has a few screws loose, she has that vibe about her

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