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Author Topic: Busty Melisa - Basingstoke  (Read 1030 times)

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Offline Stiltskin

I saw Melisa after reading several positive reviews on UKP and it was the best punt I'd had in a long time.

https://www.adultwork.com/2806981 or https://www.adultwork.com/BUSTY%5FMELISA

Time spent - 30mins at £60 (Cheap enough for another go in October :) )

A nice clean serviced apartment very close to the train station and shopping center. No problems parking, as it's right next to the multi-story.

All by text which is what I prefer. She was quick to reply and ready on time.

Melisa greeted me at the door in a bra and a skimpy pair of denim shorts. I could see straight away that she had an ample set of boobs. The pictures did not lie and I could not wait to get my hands on them. I'd say she's a size 10/12, larger on top. Which is just the way I like it.

Facially I didn't think she was my type (I have a very specifc type), but the more I looked at her the more I realised how pretty she was. She has the most amazing eyes and bright smile. She's very girl next door, the fit one that you want to fuck.

I'm a vanilla GFE guy and that's exactly what I got. Started with a snog, standing at the edge of the bed. I managed to get her bra off and release her large heavy knockers, they were just perfect. I had a suck on them which led to her having a suck on me (OWO). Her BJ was very light and as I lay back on the bed she used her pony tail to gently tickle my stomach whilst she sucked me off.

I had sex in a couple of positions with lots more french kissing and nipple sucking. I'm quite surprised I managed to last so long. I was right on the edge for most of the session. Her body felt really good both underneath and on top of me.

Afterwards she was happy to chat about things and I suggested some more touring locations which she looked up on her phone. From what she was saying it seems that she's worked in quite a few locations across the UK and is very fussy about her accommodation, only working from discrete serviced apartments rather than hotels. Which suits me, I don't like hotels.

- Friendly pretty girl with good English
- Proper passionate GFE
- Huge tits on a small frame
- Lovely smooth skin
- Doesn't mind being touched down below and seems to get naturally wet
- Reasonable rates

- Just a minor thing. Her bum was a bit small for me. I wouldn't think this was a problem for most punters, but I have a thing for the larger, fatter butt these days.

Would I see her again? - Yes, and I don't often say that even if they're good.

7 review(s) found for Busty_%mel% linked to in above post (7 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Good review Stiltskin

Did she say how long she was in town for?

Offline trumps

 Has moved on to Woking already. But hey not too far, let's just hope she stays in South East !

Offline Stiltskin

She's been in Basingstoke twice in the past few weeks, so should be back soon hopefully.

Offline trumps

Yesterday she was in Woking, albeit with a price hike for the half hour from £60 to £80. Today she's in Swindon but price back at £60  - guess the contribution for the apartment Sergei charges is more in Surrey's affluent commuter towns!

Just feel a bit sorry for the girl(s) (as Melisa and Monica seem to move around as a pair) as it's impossible for them to build up a regular clientele, which I'm sure they would as they're providing a great service. Shame ...

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