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Author Topic: Mandy, Jessie ( and Raddy)  (Read 546 times)

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Offline redt4


Ill start this by saying if the names Mandy or Jessie either offend or bring out the worst in you then please dont read any further......

Still with me? Good ,  I have seen Mandy a good few times and a previous duo with both girls too,now if you enjoy the company and service from imho the best 2 girls in Leicester then by all means sit back, relax and enjoy...good service should be rewarded too!!!!!

This meeting came about  (tbh not quite sure how it came about!!), anyway i digress, a meeting was arranged with Mandy, Jessie, Raddy and myself for an hours mmff pse experience.
Now this is the first time ive met Raddy, top bloke !! We had a brief exchange of pleasantries before making our way to the girls flat. Once inside we all sat down for a chat and ice breaker before the girls got ready and I grabbed a quick shower.

We were led into the bedroom by the girls who very very quickly shed all there clothes and took care of our clothes.
What followed was an hour off complete filth, lots off dfk and deep throat blowjobs ( to which Mandy has certainly been practising as she can go deeeeeep).
Moving onto oral on the girls,  myself on Mandy,  Raddy on Jessie,  easing a finger up M's ass i offered the said finger to J who eagerly sucked on it, later on i did the same to J and M lapped it up like a good girl...Im gonna blank the next part out as J pulled a strap on out and got Raddy to bend over, enough said there I think! !!!!

Lots of sucking, licking , spanking and swapping off girls followed.Now J has only had anal sex once before by all accounts so I then say I want M's ass AND J's, now jessie looked slightly concerned at this point, so lots of lube condom on and J takes it up the bum to much cheer and a little squeal off delight from her and elation from M....out of J ass and into M mouth whilst Raddy had her bent over the bed.....following onto doggy anal on M....what a view.....

M had an idea, i was on the bed on my back as M mounted me in her pussy, then Raddy entered her ass. ..another one ticked off on M's bucket list...lol, we then tried the same on J but the filth had been going for an hour already  so it was finale time, so Raddy gets cim off J and did his whole swapping cum thing with her whilst I gave M a lovely facial and then J kissed her with my cum all over her pretty little face........im sure I've missed lots out as it is still a blur, however im sure Raddy will be along soon with his thoughts on the meet...

So to sum up Mandy and Jessie are very very good looking filthy girls that fully interact with each other, Raddy, top bloke nice to meet you....

On top of all that J now loves anal too......obviously at her discretion...

77 review(s) found for MandyFoxxx linked to in above post (71 positive, 5 neutral, 1 negative)
18 review(s) found for JESSIE -x- linked to in above post (15 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)


I can't leave you with no comments at all Red... I know how much time and effort goes into writing a review
Almost as much time and effort into organising and planning a session without the wife finding out
So well done matey, pleasure to meet you and enjoy the girls together.
I just hope you left my cock alone   :wacko: when Jessie was sat on my face I  lost track of where you was in the room  :vomit:


Offline redt4

Cheers Raddy, I can assure you I went nowhere near your cock, the vision of Jessie destroying you with a strap on has burnt into my retinas!!!!lol

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