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Author Topic: When skinny becomes wrong  (Read 1882 times)

Offline jockyw

I'd be too scared to ride that in case I snapped her in two.    :scare:

wonder if she offers 'dinner dates' ?

Offline eli69

Skinny is never wrong i want I want i want start the car I'm booking to see her

Online Cactus

Look defo inspired by Winehouse down to the skeletal physique, dress sense and long black bouffant hairdo.

I prefer my ladies with a few more curves personally, but she's not bad  :hi:

Offline M1nty

Booked 2 hours  :yahoo:
Let me know how it goes, E. Interesting.....

Offline eli69

today is the day of my booking and I really am not in the mood haha

Offline Montydog

She’s fit as f*%k, how did it go please tell me you walked around with her “impaled”  :D

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