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Author Topic: Julia - Blair Street Sauna - Edinburgh  (Read 1703 times)

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Online chinafan


We all know it...

As Glasgow's a fucking barren wasteland of timewasters, munters and economic migrants, I decided to use a business trip to Edinburgh to, quite simply, get my hole. I'd spent the weekend in a famous European city and had managed to pick up a girl in a bar, get her back to my hotel room at 4:30am, but came back home with blue balls when she eventually said no.

Anyway, the blueballs were a distraction, so Blair Street Sauna it was.

I was nervous, I admit, as I'd never visited a sauna before, didn't know what to expect, even though I'd read loads of info on here. The guy at reception thought he recognsied me; he was friendly and I was immediately at ease. Paid my £20 for 30 minutes. Got my key, stripped off, shower, towel on (clutching my £50 in my damp palm) and through to the "lounge".

4 girls were on duty and I was surprised that they were wearing uniforms! Not what I expected, but a nice touch. One girl was small and dark, wouldn't make eye contact, kept her gaze fixed on the TV, there was a bottle blonde MILF, perhaps Eastern European, a Scot's lass with blonde hair (tall, slim), and a fourth girl who asked me if I wanted a drink and kindly poured me a water. The older woman asked if it was my first time, I replied "yes, can you tell I'm nervous?", at which point she introduced herself and the other 3 girls, mentioning Heidi(?) was also working, but was "busy".

I choose the girl who got me the water, Julia, and we went downstairs.

I've since read the reviews of Julia here, and they're mostly correct.

She's slim, 5' 6" (I'd guess), early 20s and Lithuanian*.

Lovely body, very long slim torso, very flat firm stomach, nice breasts that have the firmness of youth (I'd say they were the size of two large lemons), nice ass. So yeah, she's...firm...

Bit of kissing, very little tongue, before I dragged her up and plopped her pussy on my face. Tasted ok...her labia are a little too big for my liking, but beggar's can't be choosers, eh? OWO, then on with the bag, which she checked several times during the visit to make sure it was firmly in place. (There's that word "firm" again.)

CG then missionary, which I actually quite like. The kissing and the feel of her ass, plus her tight pussy, almost brought me to completion at around the 10 minute mark. No fucking chance. Switched it up a bit, then doggy for a while, before finishing on her belly.

A couple of notes:
- she has gorgeous nipples, IMO. Small and hard and she clearly enjoys them being tweaked and sucked
- she didn't let me touch her face or hair....

Good looking girl. Nice kisses. Lovely body. Wanted to know what I liked.

Lack of real passion (I'm used to Thai escorts who seem to really enjoy getting FUCKED), fussed over the condom.

£70 for 30 un-rushed minutes. Glad I gave my Edinburgh sauna cherry to Blair Street, I will be back and I will see Julia again. I have a feeling repeat sessions with her will produce a more hearty performance.

*I'm not sure about this. I asked her where she was from, answered Lithuania and very quickly asked me where I'm from. I think she might be Romanian. I've been there loads of times, know that the girls look like, know the body type. In fact, before I asked her, I was going to say something to her in Romanian as I just assumed that's where she's from.

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Offline chico1000

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Offline JazzMan

She's Romanian.
She works a lot of hours, the popular girls can get stressed out in saunas.
Sometimes there is no break between guys.
Amazing body.

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Thanks Chinafan & Jazzman, just had a pretty good 45 minutes with Julia. Amazing body and sweet girl. She told me she was Latvian but i notice she told Chinafan she was Lithuanian and Jazzman says Romanian. Regardless what nationality she is she is sweet and def worth a punt.

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