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Author Topic: AdultWork Image Viewing  (Read 291 times)

Why does AW have the worst features for viewing images in the whole world of adult sites?

The features to view a gallery are shite and inconsistent, with different behaviours for the first page gallery than the public gallery, and different again for the private gallery. And because uploaders have variable skills we get pictures of all crazy sizes. The worst are those that open in a new window which fills the entire screen and some, whilst others are no bigger than thumbnails. Many could be automatically scaled to a reasonable size; the 'Fit to Window' feature doesn't work. Floating windows do not even allow scrolling through a gallery, and when buried behind other windows do not automatically receive the focus if the thumbnail is re-clicked.

So what would a good image viewer look like? How should it work - post your thoughts, and then AW, if you're reading, get it sorted!


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