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Author Topic: Has anyone seen this girl in East London  (Read 1178 times)

Online James999

Well the pictures and the text don't match, the girl in the pictures is a good size 14 and the profile says a 10, so it's either

1. Fake Profile
2. Written by someone else who doesn't know her stats
3. A girl in denial about her size

Whichever it is not a good start  :cry:

Offline Steve2

I've seen this on another profile. Must be a "shared" flat

I have nice bedroom at my place,with different nice rooms,you can choose witch is the best for you.

If you want to take a HOT & WET shower,

Online James999

If you want to take a HOT & WET shower,

they're posh some of these girls, they even have Hot water  :cool: and it's wet  :cool: obviously they are big things to these girls  :hi:

Offline zarkoff

She's been in different parts of london (but using the same name/profile) for about 2 years now.
I remember her being in finchley & Walthamstow.

I phoned her when she was in finchley (hendon lane I think) but I didn't book, I'd had a couple of bad 60 pound bookings in finchley & whilst she wasn't working from the flat I'd had really piss poor service from I decided to go elsewhere.

I also saw a video online of her with I'm guessing a fellow punter just after she left finchley.

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