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Author Topic: Best way to book  (Read 591 times)

Offline jonas

Hi guys,
I've a home alone situation coming up towards the end of the month and want to make the most of it by booking a girl.
Of those those I've whittled it down to two are on both adult-work and with either an agency or advertising as an independent and was wondering which way is the best to arrange something.
given agencies calendars only cover that week and AW limitless. I'd like to get it sorted in good time if poss.

am a virtual novice at this and never used either agency or AW before.

thanks in advance

Just pick which one you want to book and send a message via AW, I prefer the AW approach as the lady then doesn't have to pay agency commission on the booking you also get to message the lady directly and tell her exactly what you want and how you expect the meeting to go. But do remember the best ladies receive many emails each day via AW so you need to make yours stand out by using something that will catch her eye in the subject field.

Offline marco0909

just ring her why do people fuck about with silly booking things online
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Offline portable

Phone calls. It's simpler than you think.

Agency: Hi, is X available for an outcall on X day at X time?
AW: Hi, are you available for an outcall on X day at X time?

Offline jonas

Its next weekend I'm looking at and even today the agencies calendars are only up to 24th, so still don't know the availability of those I'm interested in - but will call and enquire anyway soon.

left a few emails, making sure to point out the extra financial benefits of booking outside agencies. The main girl seems available its just a matter of seeing who else is and to work around it (may go for two over the weekend).
had a few in mind but with outcalls n/a and patchy general availability its looking dicey, best laid plans etc etc

cheers though,.i just didn't knows the decorum.
don't want to get snapped at for asking about availability beyond the calendars 

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