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Author Topic: Adele really is 4 you!  (Read 545 times)

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Gonna keep this one short and sweet.

Saw Adele again a couple of days ago
Afternoon booking. Rare for me but had an earlier meeting nearby.
New location near the Bayswater road, somewhat confusing with 3 similarly named streets. Without giving anything away here, look up and target the big block!
Entrance is fairly concealed once you have found it but quite discrete.

Not going to add to much to all the hyperbole that surrounds Adele.
I wondered if she may have become a little jaded since returning from Frankfurt.
I need not have been concerned.
The special thing about Adele is that she gives all her time just for you.
No telephone messing, no clock watching, just professional dedication to the task in hand. Your pleasure and satisfaction.
Another experience to cherish.
The Girl is back in Town. :yahoo:

104 review(s) found for Adele4u linked to in above post (101 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline columbo

TT, thanks for another reminder for me to see Adele.

I see a lot of posts about Adele recently, adding to all the excitement. She will not miss Frankfurt at all, as I bet there are plenty of Frankfurters here queuing up for her.
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