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Author Topic: Do you remember Bluebelles in Stwvenage?  (Read 355 times)

Offline Corsaire

If so do you remember a very slim girl that worked there and is she around still?

Offline dkn

I do, and rather loved quite a number of 30 min quickies in there!

My memories include Rebecca, Mercedes, Star, Danielle, Samantha.

Rebecca, Star & Danielle (a.k.a. Gemma) ended up at Kim's flat shortly after the demise of Bluebelles.  Though this all came to an abrupt end when Kim & her man got done for brothel keeping & tax evasion.

Mercedes has worked in Stevenage on and off as an independent.  Her AW profile says she's currently back - might have to refresh my memory....   ;)

Danielle had a few brief spells working in Stevenage and other surroundings in flats.  Not heard anything of her for over three years.

I heard that Rebecca settled down and retired.

No idea about Star.

All in all, though, happy memories - sadly fucked up by Stevenage's clamp down on all the flats  :mad:

Offline Corsaire

Well remembered, unfortunately it was Star I was thinking of. Thank you formalising your memories though. So if anyone does know where star is, please let me know.
Thanks again.

Offline dkn

Ah, Star, yes - only saw her the once.

Danielle, Mercedes and Rebecca were definitely my faves - would love to catch up with any of them again...

Offline Hertsgent

Good tip on Mercedes, thanks Dkn - encourages me to tick her off my stevenage list, hopefully she's located somewhere decent......

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