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Author Topic: Massage recommendation  (Read 1143 times)

Hi guys,

I'm new to this so looking for some recommendations please?

I'm looking for a massage with hand relief. I'm from stourbridge so anywhere in the local area / Birmingham.

I visited Trinity in selly oak earlier this year, massage was great, and the hand relief was amazing, especially with her using her finger if you know what I mean!

Only downside to Trinity is that she is into weight training and has bulked up a bit since her pictures were taken. I'm looking for more of a feminine lady, possibly a bit younger than trinity, and also doesn't mind being touched. Trinity backed a way a little when I went to give her some pussy play?

Thanks in advance!

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Offline Dodo

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.....oh, by the way, welcome. :)
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This lady is close to you https://www.adultwork.com/3123173

I'm seeing her tomorrow

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Did I miss something Dodo?
Yea, with due respect you missed reading the threads on the West Mids section that has plenty of info on girls giving massage. You will find much more info doing your own research than asking the members to do it for you.

Your not alone, it is a common oversight from newbies.
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Ah, sorry Dodo, I was being lazy!

Online Stapler

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Lol thanks Stapler, have you a link for Sammi, or just her number?


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