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Author Topic: Putting in the hours  (Read 590 times)

Offline Daffodil

This one's been busy:


Profile's only been up about 6 weeks and already has 66 positive escort feedback and 14 field reports. This and with a number listed so presumably a lot goes under the AW radar.

I wonder how she still manages to sit down?

Online Ali Katt

Good spot with bullshit (but, funny) feedback like this:
   bonzo22 (63)    18/03/2012 06:39    Seeking Services
     Greece has given us democracy, philosophy and culture but the best thing we ever got from Greece is the Goddess Karolina - simply divine ! Xxxxx
Positive    ernie2under (20)    17/03/2012 17:01    Seeking Services
     Do ya think I'm Sexy(Rod Stewart). Well YOU are babe. I think when u finish I will be very sad :((
Positive    ernie2under (20)    18/03/2012 10:53    Seeking Services
     If 1 word describes GK its DELICIOUS.. You taste so good. Better than the pizza!! More like a rose petal xx Alan

it's no surprise there's a tineye match:

Online Ali Katt

Profile now gone - looks like it was bullshit.

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