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Author Topic: Wild BrigitteVIP (Hotel Meet)  (Read 590 times)

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So it was only a week after my last punt, but there we are, next week I can only afford a wank.

Woke up once more with a better intention, but ended up on AW.

I found myself at the same hotel complex as I did last time with my meeting with DIORR.

Spent 10 minutes waiting in the car park as the hotel staff were around at the time, so after lots of laps of the carpark whilst I pretended to be on the phone I was texted the room number and told to enter.

Please note, I wasn't on the phone genuinely, so the notification didn't come softly down the handset
speaker, but abruptly out of the main ringtone speaker at a volume that even made the construction workers
at the building site 2 miles away jump.

With my nerves now shot to pieces, I headed immediately in the wrong direction, my penis being my only compass till I read the room number again.

After 5 minutes I finally found where I needed to be and knocked on the door.

The door opened, there was no one there visible and the first thing I noticed was the odor of knock off perfume and disappointment.

I actually had to look around the corner of the door and there she was in white bra and panties.  Looking nothing like the woman on the profile.

Now don't get me wrong, I stayed, she is attractive, but that profile isnt her at all.  I handed her a pair of tights and asked her to put them on. At this point in the tiny cramped room with toilet and shower in a room behind the bed, I heard a noise. 

This being the case I inquired as to whom was in the toilet. (Shit its sergie, I thunked)

Half expecting it to be some eastern European gangster, I needed to know what the deal was.  She explained that it was her friend and that she was in there, she also said that she wasn't feeling well and that they were staying together and that if I wanted her to leave she would.

I requested she leave for the duration, she came out briefly and spoke in her native tongue, at this point knowing it wasn't a bloke with a knuckle duster, the only kind of duster that room had ever seen in the past week, I felt relaxed and explained she was ok in the bathroom.

I undressed and got on the bed with her, very similar to last time, handjob whilst I fingered her a bit, sucked her toes through her tights.  The room wasnt clean, but she was.

She thought it seemed strange that I liked such a long handjob, probably you guys do too.  At about 40 minutes in, some eastern European music started in the bathroom.  You probably wont believe this bit, but it actually sounded like the Borat theme tune.  I didn't feel like a UK punter anymore, but a Brit abroad.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_klfW-EjHww <-- click here for an example of what I'd heard, its not exact, but so similar.

"My Friend, she is crazy". 

Out of an overwhelming urge for bizarre comedy I then turned her over and started to slap out a beat on her buttocks.  She didnt seem to appreciate my sense of humor but I laughed at the situation I almost farted.
Quite possibly, like so many other people she just didn't understand my sense of humor.  I watched as her buttocks slowly went red and had a chance for a lick too. Clean.

Back to the handjob we went, she looked into my eyes and said "cum love".  I ejaculated all over her stomach and she said she was going to have a shower.

She zoomed off so quickly for the shower that I stood up also.  Given the very small nature of the hotel rooms and bathrooms, her friend then left the bathroom and came into the room where I was, she actually walked in with her laptop and brushed up against my cock between the bed and walkway.

This left a lovely slime trail of my cum on her leggings and me at one point going soft, now feeling myself getting hard again.  She took a look at my cock before she started answering her friends phone.  She had put make up on whilst in the bathroom so im guessing she was working too.

All in all a good punt, one thing stuck with me though. 

Had I crushed enough drink cans in the late 1990s for blue peter, or raised more money during my primary schools bring and buy sales.
Maybe the meet wouldn't have happened at all.  I will never hear that Borat theme without thinking of this meet.

I'm such a strange punter to these non British girls.

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At least she didn't call when you were pretending to be on the phone.  Everybody's nightmare !

Offline Owwhatanight

A very entertaining review but you should have got her mate to leave the bathroom & watch you both, and maybe she would have joined in for free.  :cool:

This happened to me in the Brittania Hotel in Nottingham. A Mate in the loo  :wackogirl:

Had you have seen her before make up, you'd have left her in the bathroom with Borat too.

Given hindsight over this punt, I wouldn't return.

Seems wild Bridgette has dumped her profile off AW;!.

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