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Author Topic: Miss Amelia 69 Glasgow  (Read 1516 times)

9 review(s) for miss_amelia_69 (3 positive, 2 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline guns

Paid this girl a visit last night .
Comms were excellent , nice sexy voice on the phone . Text me the address .
The close doesnt look great but her flat was nice inside .
Had a quck shower .
I had a schoolgirl outfit in the house that was an old girlfriends and i took it with me to see if she would wear it .
Wasn't a problem and when i got out the shower she had it on and looked great .
She is tall ( about 5'9'') , nice tan , long dark hair and nicely made up . Size 12 with a great arse and nice boobs .
She was really friendly and full of compliments . Lovely girl .
Started with a nice kiss (not fk) , nice full lips . She was drinking wine so could taste alchohol but wasn't too overpowering .
Went on to owo which , tbh , wasn't great but it was nice . Quite quck and a bit harsh and no deep throat .
Went down on her , nice clean shaved pussy and pierced . Gave her bum a wee lick which she was ok with .
Usual positions , missionary , her on top , then doggy with that great arse up in the air . Very enthusiastic when she was on top .
Finished with her lying next to me , kissing me and wanking me , which was my preference so not sure if she does cim or not .
Nice chat and a kiss on the way out .
Overall a good punt , only the oral let it down a little but i would go back .
£60 for the half hour . Flat in kinning park .

9 review(s) found for miss_amelia_69 linked to in above post (3 positive, 2 neutral, 4 negative)

Offline bensonhedges20

Met her in a flat off PRW towards Ibrox.

She was nearer 14 than a size 12.

Met for half an hour at short notice
Had dfk (mentioned it in texts)
Owo was average
English skills were good
Claimed to be lithuanian

I think she went by ANA a year or so ago but was alot slimmer then.

Her enthusiasm was there.

She does have a cum once policy in 30mins.

Overall a positive

Not one for return visits but fine for 60 h/h
Banning reason: Troll

Offline seeker

I used to see her when she was a size 10
About 2 years ago .very good service then.
Then she started to put the beef on and on
I stopped visiting.
I'd say more a 14 than a 12
But she is a tall girl so not a podgy 14 .

Offline bensonhedges20

I used to see her when she was a size 10
About 2 years ago .very good service then.
Then she started to put the beef on and on
I stopped visiting.
I'd say more a 14 than a 12
But she is a tall girl so not a podgy 14 .

Service and attitude is there. Just needs a gym membership imo
Banning reason: Troll

Offline seeker

Yep I would agree ..
She always gave an enthusiastic servicing
Just needs to loose the beef back to a 8 or 10 max
And I'd give her a return visit  :cool:

Offline guns

I decided on a return visit to her last night .
Text and asked her to wear a little tight mini dress and high heels for me .
Got there and she looked great in a little black and white dress and black heels with great tanned legs . Think she has lost weight since my last visit . Probably a size 12 but carries it well as she is tall . Perfect for my liking .
She remembered me from our previous meeting which was nice and we chatted for a few minutes .
I had a shower and returned to the bed .
Started with some nice kissing , not fk but nice enough . She had no bra on so i could pull her tits out of the dress . Small tits but nice hard nipples , one is pierced , which i had a suck on .
Moved on to oral which was ok but just not brilliant . Not deep or sloppy enough for my liking but still nice to watch her sucking my cock as she is a really pretty girl .
Pulled her dress up and played with her pussy as she was sucking my cock . Pierced pussy too .
Moved her onto the bed and gave her some oral . Very clean and fully shaved and she seemed to enjoy it .
Condom on and went for missionary with some nice kissing again and sucking her nipples while her hands were rubbing my back and my head ( nice gfe )
Went to her on top and she really fucks hard in this position , the bed was banging off the wall and i had to stop her after a few minutes because i was going to pop .
Moved on to doggy and the sight of her beautiful tanned arse in the air was superb . Fucked her hard in doggy and the slowed it down so i could savour the sight of her arse for a bit , all the time she still had the dress on and the high heels . Lovely  :P
She doesn't do cim or facials so she took off the dress and sat on the edge of the bed and gave me a nice handjob and i finished over her tits .
We got cleaned up and the sight of her walking about the room in just her high heels was great , she really is a stunning girl imo .
We had a nice chat and i told her i would be back soon , had a nice kiss at the door and i was on my way .
She is difinitely my 'go to' girl now . beautiful girl , nice personality and a great body , built for shagging  :thumbsup:

Offline mavgoose

I'm tempted guns. Good follow up review. Im worried about other less than positive reviews on her.
Looks like you need to catch her on a "good" day. So to speak.
No DFK is the deal breaker. If it was compensated by wonderful OWO / deep throat , I'd dismiss the kissing. But by your own accounts OWO was poor.

It's a "watch this space" for now.

Offline guns

I don't think she's your girl then Mav . Defo no dfk and i didn't push her on deepthroat but  might be worth a try  :thumbsup

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