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Author Topic: Shortest escorts on adultwork  (Read 3649 times)

Offline willbred

3foot9 and uses a wheelchair?

Thats different!

But is it £240/hr different? On one level, I suppose almost a fetish. Seems the smaller they are, the more the hourly rate is. Oi, Happylad, care to work out this one's linear rate per hour or whatever. Then try and get out a bit more,eh mate?  :lol:
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But is it £240/hr different?
Jaysus that's £2.10p per centimeter! Can I get a discount if I ignore her from the thighs down? like if she wears a pair of trousers the whole time?

Offline Golovkin

How do you search height on AW?
Click on search members after you've clicked and put in the other things like area and likes list. Click on the interview tab there you will find height listed.

Offline Steptoe

Genuine 4ft 10
Working at the place shown from Saturday - they hope.  Been a no-show most of this week
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I hadn't twigged when I booked how tiny she was. Bloody excellent punt tho - wish I'd done a review at the time!

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Offline Fallen58

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Jenny Stoke-on-Trent. About 5ft tall

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