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Author Topic: Jessica Lov3 XX - Greenford, London - Av1time1hour/cock tease/glorified stripper  (Read 477 times)

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This is my first review in a long time (1st since december). I have had quite a few encounters but did not feel the need as i wrote a review which put me off writing them(about american pie), it caused her to send a long scathing e-mail to me because a punter told her about my review (clearly he does not have anything better to talk about!).

This week I felt obliged to write a review about Jessica Lov3, from greenford road, sudbury and its a negative.
https://www.adultwork.com/2684264 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jessica+Lov3+XX

When I saw her profile picture i could not help myself I had to go see her straight away, she is stunning in her pics and she is stunning in person. she does everything i like....filming, facials, owo....and being blonde. Plus I went amsterdam recently and had 3 unsatisfactory quickies so i wanted to wipe away that memory.

When i got there things started off well she took her clothes off and starting dancing for me, she let me film and said don't put on internet.
She started grinding on me and put on a condom and started to blow me, i said dont you do owo she said No (even though i texted her before asking her about filiming and owo and she said 50 pounds), i thought never mind let's let it slide and not kill the moment, we changed positions and she was riding me the inside of vagina felt amazing it's like a roundabout in there and the feeling was sublime. We changed to missionary and i tried to kiss her but she pecked me on the lips twice and that was it (she did not want to ruin her make up/does not kiss), we changed over to doggy she told me to not put in all the way i came within a couple of minutes...after that it only went downhill!

she put on her clothes and tells me cum only one time!, I am like are you kidding me, 1 time in one whole hour!. i thought it was a joke! she said blow job and sex not possible in one hour (whatever that means!). Nowhere in her profile does it mention that...again i dont get angry and let it slide.
Honestly i do not understand how these hookers do not have black eyes or are not strangled and shoved under the bed (i have been watching too much Mad Men).

I take a quick shower to cool off and head back to the room and then she takes a shower (by shower i mean wash her pussy for like 10 minutes. then she goes and chats to her flat mate for like 5 minutes then comes back. I had to pester her to lie on the on the bed so i can give her a massage (might as well get some practice), her body and skin are nice and soft.

While i am massaging her she is texting, why is it everytime i peek at an escorts phone while they are texting i see weird texts, today a text said 'I hope you like black dick' does this mean he is black or that white but he has a black dick or he is bringing a black dick with him...why could he not just say do you like black guys?. A few weeks back i saw an escorts phone a punter wrote 'I hope you eat alot, so you are ready for me!' ....clearly somebody is looking forward to getting crapped on...i wonder if it happens in the bedroom or bathroom and who cleans it up anyway and if the punter requests they have alot of fibre before or a laxative or is it the dealers choice.

Back to the current topic while massaging her i get a raging hard on, clearly i have another shot in my tank on, we make little small talk and she tells me about her kid and starts showing me pictures, I am thinking what the f**k is wrong with women these days, I do not want to look at some kid when I have a huge erection! There is also a picture of a guy with her and she has a ring on her wedding finger, i asked her if she is married and she says no, I have actually noticed it on several escorts wearing one..... maybe they like to buy themselves presents, tell people they are off the market (as they are married to their job/money) or they are just liars and their husbands are none the wiser. 

She also said something to me in Romanian/spanish a couple of times clearly she was insulting me by her tone..I am a pretty laid back guy that likes a bit of banter and can handle a bit of ball breaking but she should at least have the decency to do it in English!, she told me you like to eat food and poked my belly....fair enough,five minutes later her belly rumbled (this has actually happened to several escorts while i am doing them i can hear it clearly, I have no idea why) and i poked her belly and said you dont like food do you!.

Anyway there is shouting in the next room and with her flat mate and another punter she goes there and comes back and takes two bottles of lube...he must have been getting a prostate examination by the looks of it. they were in there for like 5 minutes talking. when she finally comes back she stands infront of the mirror applying her make up, obviously i am horny as fuck so i go up to her and spoon her from behind and she says you need a girlfriend or to get married...i dont need a girlfriend i need to fucking cum inside some sugar walls when i have a raging boner!.

if the price difference between 1hour and 30 minutes was not just 20 quid i would have left after 30. i ended up leaving after 45 minutes so 140 pounds for a quickie and some random clips...i feel ripped off. Sometimes i have amazing punts and i walk away with a spring in my step, all these girls in the greenford area with the exception of Mimi make me feel shit afterwards....why do i keep going back! (Zasha, Tiffany, Jessica)

Negative Summary Point
1 hour one cum
no owo - after advertised
butters room mate (okay not her fault but I at least want to fantasize about another girl on the journey home
no kissing
too much make up
did not give a massage (okay so i gave her one and did not ask but she should offer right?)
lmited english
crap small talk
timewaster (summary - 5 minutes foreplay/dancing, 10 minutes sex/bj, 10 shower (me 3, her about 7), 10 minutes of her going in and out of the room and chatting to her house mate, 5 minute massage and 5 minutes of her putting on make up.
clock watcher (technically i did leave early but i could feel her trying to push me out ever since i got out of the shower)
frigid (especially after round one)
overpriced (90 an hour sounds reasonable but not for 1 time sex!)
location very obvious (on main road)
could not take my whole dick doggy 8 inches!
insulted me a couple of times in her language

Guys seriously avoid her,unless you want to get ripped off she is basically a glorified stripper (she has moves but you will walk away unsatisfied). I am thinking I should just write one big review with all the great girls I have had in the past several months, with quick summaries. 

This was my 46th punt in my life (or the last 3 years since i started)...I am hoping when I reach number 50 I find out what my type is.....all i know is it is not f****g romanians....why do they have to be soo hot dammit!

So guys, opinions are apprectiated and not 'Well, You should avoid romanians' or 'what do you expect they are gypsies'.

3 review(s) found for Jessica Lov3 XX linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline tonysoprano

All I can say is eventually, if you see enough of them, one of these super hot Romanian gypsy bitches will fuck you senseless and live up to the porn star looks they often have.

The question is are you prepared to spend thousands chasing that elusive experience? Because you will go through dozens of shit punts like this to find her.
Banning reason: Troll

Offline punk

All I can say is eventually, if you see enough of them, one of these super hot Romanian gypsy bitches will fuck you senseless and live up to the porn star looks they often have.

The question is are you prepared to spend thousands chasing that elusive experience? Because you will go through dozens of shit punts like this to find her.

Its all a mariage of illusions   :unknown:

Offline BeesKnees

Maybe it's the Romanian groups that set the bar so damn low that their girls don't have the standards that a typical UKP-er expects. I think the independent ones are the ones to pick. Off the top of my head, Maria in Edgware should be indie and had great reviews up until recently.

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