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Author Topic: Review from the wife  (Read 1210 times)

Online hungrypunt

On the back of this excellent thread, I got to thinking how my bird would review me if she was a WG.

Another new punter calls me up, we arrange a meet, he sounds nice on the phone.
He turns up nice an clean, big lad, mid forties with a belly though. Smartly dressed smells nice. "you look georgeus" he says. He didnt mention a shower though.
I take the money and he grabs me arse, off comes his shirt and my dress. I grab a look at his cock "nothing special there" just nice size.
He wants OWO deep no problem with this cock some FF, and I think he nearly popped 3 mins in.
took it a bit slower at his request, into mish, then CG. Fuck he was going like a jackhammer and got me going, pulling my head down to his chest, harder and faster, I luv that and he can tell. Went on for some RO, he knows his way around enjoyed that...back ON CG 3 mins he pops.
Lay side by side, only 30 mins into an hour booking, cools down a min, bit of a clean up and a few minutes nice chat, asks him is he wants to cover and me get back on...Nahh, I m done he says, gets a quick clean up and fucks off.
C you soon...the end. Good job I got some RO out of him but cant complain 1 hour for 35 mins work

Looks 7/10
cleanliness 10/10
would i see again, defo,
Remind me of anyone...yeah a fat george clooney ..hoho

Offline RedKettle

Fantastic client - pays me thousands a year including a nice house and car but I rarely have to fuck him.  He tries to get me to suck his cock and have sex more often, but he is easily put off.  All is good.

Offline SirFrank

Here's the review she left for me: after chunk fucked off Kid Gorgeous rocked up and buttered my muffin like his life depended on it. He knew more tricks than Paul Daniels. Treat him well girls
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