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Author Topic: Wonder_Annabelle - Northolt. Young Pretty but Underwhelming  (Read 2715 times)

9 review(s) for WonderfulAnnabelle (3 positive, 1 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline G.Raff

https://www.adultwork.com/3129057 or https://www.adultwork.com/Wonder%5FAnnabelle

Thanks to Steve2's pick of the day 25th August which brought this young lady to my attention, so I TOFTT  :cool:

Communication was pretty awful. From long waits for text replies to then realising that she/maid got mixed up (apparently) and that I had to wait in the car for 30min! Kept texting saying to wait just "a little longer" and it dragged on. At one point I was offered Mimi instead which I refused.

Once given the go ahead, flat is in a relatively new block, quite nice, last text said " Flat xx, yy floor, Pls dont talk to anyone!"  (WTF??)

The Girl: Fresh looking,  looks better in real life, cute, rarther friendly, obviously been coached so rather conscious of going through all the steps, the spiel, paperwork and sending the txt to the maid (although she claimed that she handles her own calls)

The Punt: Rather boring, very passive, no kissing, The words "dead" & "fish" came to mind.
I didn't want to be picky with various position as was chatting to her for quite a few mins before we got down to biz so there wast enough time to experiment. Plus as she is a newbie, I was quite nice to her  :rose: . Her bod is really nice and tight, small tits but very nice nevertheless. Not bad for £60/30min.

A clock watcher, maid sent a text 5min before and was told to hurry up  :thumbsdown: and then again at the end so it felt rushed. Obviously a busy girl.

Overall a positive from me for being pretty and with a nice attitude although on the sack it wasn't earth moving. Actually the only reason that would put me off returning is the poor communication, as I don't fancy taking the risk of coming all the way and then facing the prospect of a long wait or worse, a cancellation. This crew in Northolt is famous for double bookings and disregard for punters' time.


9 review(s) found for WonderfulAnnabelle linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 5 negative)

Offline tigerfeet

Thanks for the TOFTT G.Raff - I've had this one on my hotlist as she looks very cute but I'll probably give it a miss as I hate uncertainty in comms

Offline bestbefore

"Dead" and "fish" sound more like a neutral or negative to me.

Offline Cunning Punt

She's not that new. She was here at the back end of last year, so with stated June/July DOB, Sergei is either lying about her DOB now, or was back then :scare:
She looked young then, so may still be 18, 19 at most.

I personally had good punt with her in December - nice time with attractive, sweet 18-y-o who was eager to please and was good value at £50 HH as she was then.
She did FK so disappointed if she has stopped kissing and is a bit more "professional".

However, a few days later, I had the other side ie double booking, which, as you say, is an issue with WGs in that flat. She texted to postpone 30mins before the punt when I was well en route. ("Sorry, I'm at the mall with my sister." A 8.30pm on New Year's Day? I don't fucking think so!) As it was late and I wondered if booking would take place, I cancelled. So 1hr wasted.

This was long before I found UKP, BTW, so hence why no reviews.

Her point about not speaking to anyone is because the identity of the flats isn't obvious, particularly in the dark and, in desperation because of the crap comms, some people (admittedly, to my shame, myself  :blush:), asked a local for directions. It's to the left of the shops BTW.

Thanks for the review, as I had been looking to return.
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Just this second posted a review for her myself.

If she's not new, she does a good impression of a newbie. Very possibly put on to do as little as she has to. Thanks for the info.

Offline G.Raff

I can see how different people will see this as a Negative or Positive. I completely agree with both Cunning Punt as to why he viewed it as a positive and Late Starter as why it was a Negative for him.

Maybe I'm being too generous, but for me, given that I got to shag a pretty fit girl for £60 who was nice and didn't have a bad attitude (she was friendly and talkative) + her being a cute newbie (I bought her story as she looked too young to have had much previous experience!)  was enough to just make it into a positive. And I prefer sub girls anyway. But as I said, I would not return as I don't want to risk a cancellation or another long wait.

BTW @ Cunning Punt, I think they have a new location now in a modern block of flats, in a modern estate with a few buildings. You are probably referring to the flat next to the Polish food shop, where I believe Zasha Zasha is now? Or maybe the place by Lidl (or was it Aldi? Lol)? I think they had 2 flats in the same building at some point.

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for the update. Yes, I visited Annabelle and another 18-y-o called Adele (whom I reviewed and was uninspiring) in the flats by the Polish shop. I've not seen her yet, but I think Raisa may still be based there??

I know the flats next to Lidl because I saw Mimi and Tina there about a year ago.

Whereabouts, roughly, is Annabelle's new location? Do you know whether Mimi is also based there? Tempted to go back to see Mimi, though there was not a lot of kissing.

Offline G.Raff

New flat is in UB5 (sorry I don't remember the postcode of the previous places), as for Mimi, I was offered her while I was waiting for Annabelle, (and I see they've tried this B&S trick on others too) so yes, she must be in the same flat, unless they have another flat in the same location.
It's such a shame that they are so bad at comms etc, as they tend to have some real crackers, looks wise at least.
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Offline Cunning Punt

So is actually Northolt. Thanks for clarifying - wanted to check it was actually there as EEWGs' sense of geography isn't always that great.

I asked Annabelle if the other girl was Mimi and she confirmed this. Hope this helps.

Offline Tonyleung

does she do owo?

I suggest you read the profile BEFORE you ask LAME-ASS questions. 

Offline Cunning Punt

I suggest you read the profile BEFORE you ask LAME-ASS questions.


I suggest that after TWO-AND-A-HALF YEARS it's also about time you finally broke your review duck, Leglover!

Offline scooby73

Desperate to see this girl as she looks amazing, perfect body!
I text her earlier and she replied after a while saying she'd been out to the shops for half an hour.
Asked if she could see me tomorrow but i really wanted to see someone tonight so said no.
After not finding anyone available tonight, i couldn't resist joining her PG and now want to see her tomorrow.
I text her asking for a rough postcode to see where she is and how long it'll take to get there but as of yet, still not heard anything back.
Can anyone pm a post code or landmark that's very close so i can see how far please?

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