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Author Topic: Sexy mia  (Read 1567 times)

Offline megadik

I haven't met her..  She is attractive in her Verification photo (.. most WGs don't look that good in v.photos..) I am curious.. :D

 TOFTT and report back if possible dude..

Offline knegg1

Search for annalondon321 and there is a three page tread there where she in mentioned. She is the person that she claims she is but apparently poor service if i remember correctly.

Offline knegg1

Let us know what you think if you decide to see her...

Have planned to see her on monday after a couple of canncellation on her part. will let you know how it goes

Offline realist

great if she was true and offered even a half decent service.

I did think I might try but the AW reviews - if I got it right- seemed to be with guys who had only seen Spanish girl meets which seem a bit odd so avoided for now.

Offline icebather

Holy fucking shit.

Shame about the reports of poor service, but from that verification photo she is drop dead gorgeous.

She cancelled my booking at the last min for the2nd time

Will try again

Offline y798

She's absolutely stunning...

Birthday in a few weeks so may go and see her and let you guys know ;)

Offline Kaluuu276

Are these verification photos compulsory for wg to have a AW account?

These photos show the real face compared to gallery photo shoot.

She looks great even without make up.

Wow she is stunning, anyone seen her yet

I finally saw her for 30 mins, she looks like her photos which is great, but service is standard and only offers OW.

Worth a try if you are not really into the service

Offline LL

OW I'm fine with. Does she do FK though?

FK she does, she seemed a decent girl, sharing with someone else couldnt work out out who though.

Safe apartment in Paddington but there is door man.

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