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Author Topic: Alyx Taylor  (Read 909 times)

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Offline pianodave


Seems to be a genuine student, advertises and looks 21. Strawberry blonde hair, pale skin, slim figure, nice boobs and a ginger bush! Very pretty, in a girl next door way. Friendly.

Puts a lot of effort in, great OWO  - starts off slowly and increases the pace - and an energetic shag. Great DFK. Keen to have a second round, although it was too soon for me to pop again, but was enjoyable regardless.

Sets an alarm and time is up when it goes off, so be sure to cum within the time.

Limited availability and poor at initially responding, but great communications once she did. Worth seeing if you can, outcalls only. Her ginger hair falls out a fair bit, worth considering if seeing her at home - daming evidence! Won't be around for long, until Christmas.

1 review(s) found for Alyx Taylor linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

She replied to thread on here not too long ago and I thought she came across really well, witty and intelligent. Got banned for her efforts though.

Offline Placebo88

Thanks for the review.

If she did incalls I would be making a booking asap.An outcall booking is not something I have ever seriously contemplated doing before due to the hassle and extra expense of both the WGs higher charge for travelling and the room booking.With Alyx specifically in mind I did look into it , but even a Travel Lodge room is over £50 for a day - this would make 30 minutes £130+ and an hour £200+ which is way more than I can sensibly afford.

The occassional incall day where she booked a hotel room in advance would be ideal for me and lucrative for her but maybe not suit her MO if she prefers to see only a few clients a week and presumably one at most in a day , for which being outcall only presumably provides more than sufficient customers judging by her posts.

Do you know what part of the country she is originally from ( just thinking of the Liverpool link )?Obviously if you feel it would be breaking any confidences please do not feel the need to answer this as it is just my idle curiosity.
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Offline pianodave

I think she's from the Midlands somewhere, neutral accent, quite well spoken.

You can get a hotel for £35 or so most days, but it still makes an hour almost £200. That said, there aren't many about like her. I doubt she has any interest in hotel incalls, conveyor belt style bookings, she' s just making a few extra quid on the side.

I'll try to see her again but the outcall only thing does make it much more tricky...

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