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Author Topic: G-Ellaxxx Any info  (Read 1933 times)

Just had a look on Miss KDD's profile and saw this girl mentioned in her blog. Has anybody seen her, or know of her as her body and services look right up my street!

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/3060009 or https://www.adultwork.com/G%2DEllaxxx

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Looks great. Hendrix has left her feedback so maybe he can fill us in

Offline hendrix

G-Ella is Gabriella ex Maxes Angels. She's a fantastic filthy PSE punt of the highest quality. I've reviewed here a couple of times, solo and duo with MissKDD. Nothing negative I can think of other than she is expensive. Having said that, I've never felt like I didn't get value as she delivered every time. Anal, rimming, watersports the lot..

Awesome cheers for that Hendrix will have to get around to seeing her very soon! How does her DT skills compare to KDD's if you don't mind me asking?

Offline hendrix

Awesome cheers for that Hendrix will have to get around to seeing her very soon! How does her DT skills compare to KDD's if you don't mind me asking?

Pretty damn good.. Maybe not quite as good with a really fierce face fucking in the same way as MissKDD or Lindsey was.. But definitely very good. I'm talking small margins here!

Offline Clooney

Gabby is one major regret since I started punting. And the only girl to decline to see me.

I hasten to add that I think I shoulder the blame for that alone. I simply called things wrong with her with regards to my initial contact.

As most know I am pretty Dom in my tastes and usually like to make contact with girl prior to meeting, to see the lay of the land. Apart from anything else, to make sure they are cool with me, but also give the girl every opportunity to say no.

I'm never anything less than totally polite, but I was assured by another girl and a punter that Gabby was very game and as a result I was very candid with her. Moreso than usual. I think that on this occasion she had doubts and she very politely declined to see me.

Absolutely her choice, which I respect completely and would never wish her anything but the best. It was my fault for maybe trying too hard to give her the opportunity to say no rather than be unsure. I would ALWAYS rather a girl said no to me than feel uncomfortable.

So it is my fault and not hers in the slightest, but it is a real pity (for me!) because the girl in question who made the intro said we'd get on.

I envy you lucky sods, because even when declining me she sounded fantastic.

Offline Clooney

Oh and as a footnote, and on a slightly unrelated matter, just because I am Dom, doesn't mean that I can't do the soft stuff too. In fact much of the Dom/sub dynamic is the sensual reward, and I love that.

I'm seeing a very highly regarded girl on Friday, famed for her GFE. I won't dom her because she's not into that (not that I know of anyway!) but I will certainly enjoy the GFE.

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