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Author Topic: Play Massage in Sheffield  (Read 1432 times)

Offline Big_Fred

City sauna in Sheffield have this on their website:-

NOW OFFERING OUR EXTRA-SPECIAL PLAY MASSAGE – join us in the VIP Suite for the Jacuzzi and some slip and slide pleasure!

Have you tried it? is it any good?

Thanks for your comments

Seems all your posts are trying to advertise these guys...

Attempting to do it indirectly will be deemed worse in my opinion than blatant advertising with quick harsh shrift!

Have I tried Nuru - no
Would I want to - Not really

If you want to visit play and give a proper report great but I assume you are 'madam' in disguise? :mad:

Offline softlad

Offline Big_Fred

I am certainly not trying to advertise them, I was simply trying to see if anyone else has tried it, I posted this a few months ago with no replies so I left it a bit longer to see if anyone had tried it, that's all.

Offline Ali Katt

Had a look at City Sauna website - there is a door fee at certain times, I refuse to visit anywhere which has a door fee in case there is no one I wanted to see. I have seen Cheryl who works there at Classic Touch and she is a really good mature escort - not bitter, good fun and enthusiastic. If Mel is Emily she's also a very good Polish escort. I've never been to city sauna and nor will I if they have a door fee.   

Offline NIK

I thought City Sauna had closed down years ago. I'm sure it did for a time. Is it still in the same venue?

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