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Author Topic: Lana Lust - Southampton  (Read 1587 times)

5 review(s) for lana lust (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2393239 https://www.adultwork.com/lana+lust

Had been trying to set something up with Lana for months and had a booking scheduled in June but when I got back from Germany I was sick as a dog and had to cancel. Thought I had missed my chance but saw her profile pop up again last Thursday and sent a mail to see if we could meet up. Agreed a time earlier this week and all was set. Unfortunately got a call Monday lunch time from Lana to apologize saying she had been called in to work and would have to cancel.  :scare:

Now here lies the difference between a good service provider and the negative experience I had with Abi Brooks on Friday. Lana immediately said let me make it up to you, pick a day this week and I will sort something out. So set up a meet and Lana sorted out the hotel. All ready to go again and Lana texts again to say the hotel room is totally unsuitable (family with kids in the next room). Just when I'm losing the will to live she says not to worry she will find somewhere else as she would hate to let me down again. How good is that!  :thumbsup:

Now to the important stuff. Got the address, called when close to get the room number and I'm in with no problems. Lana is hiding behind the door, we walk together in to the room and she grabs me and immediately starts some FK turning in to DFK, very passionate and has a hand reaching down my pants. I don't even know what she looks like yet but the LBD she has on is tight to her body and with no underwear underneath I can feel all her curves. Finally release myself from her grasp and get my first look - Very beautiful woman, shoulder length blonde hair, great figure.

She removes my clothes (which I always think is a nice touch) and peels off her dress - turns out I was wrong - fabulous figure. Normally I am a fan of the size 6-8 but she has curves that really work, perfect size 10 with a great ass. Wastes no time and straight back to DFK then a long, slow, wet BJ which goes to DT then ball licking, ball sucking, licking of the head, more DT - Great technique with little use of the hands and all the while I can see her ass in the mirrors of the wardrobe. Somehow resist blowing my load in 5 mins and start using my fingers on her (very wet) and some RO. Now I know we are all sceptics when it comes to WGs faking but I don't think she faked all 4 during some prolonged RO. If she did fair play to her.

After a few minutes for her to recover she is straight back to DFK, then kisses my entire body before starting OWO again, more of the same as above before getting faster and more intense and I finish pop 1 with cim, swallows and keeps on licking and sucking 'til I have nothing left. She kisses me again and finally we have chance for a little chat.

Getting ready for round 2 and she tells me its my turn to be teased. Lots more DFK, then more great OWO, more teasing, more DT, more ball licking and I am desperately trying not to CIM again. Finally after what seems like an age she relents and gets the condom, puts it on and rides me cowgirl, standing cowgirl, switch to doggy (which with that ass was almost too much), finally mish with legs up and spread wide, pulls me in for more DFK and pop 2 is there and then. Wow - great fuck.
Whether she came again, who can be sure, but she made me feel good a few times if she was faking.

Chat, more DFK, clean up and I am on my way, very happy and wondering why it took me so long to see her.

All of it.
Hot good looking girl
Cracking body
Passionate kissing
Some of the best OWO I have ever had.
Great energetic sex

Well making the booking was not easy, but somehow she even managed to turn that around by making herself available on another day to suit me
limited availability

So, how good was the punt? Probably in my top 2 of all time (100+ punts).
Would I recommend - Duh!
Let me be clear, it is tough to get a booking as she is not available all that often, but if you can make it work for you I would say you'd be an idiot not too see her, however be warned I would climb over you and kick you in the balls to make sure I was there first. :D

5 review(s) found for lana lust linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Hantsolo

Great review and have to agree, Lana is fantastic and the fact she's hard to get to see almost adds to the appeal!

Only seen her once but she's top of my wishlist for a repeat visit!

Offline Stiltskin

She disables her profile when not working.

That's the one Neg HAL. Availability is infrequent and the profile is taken down between times

Offline bighands

Yes, the lack of profile makes tracking her down a challenge in itself - BUT it is all worthwhile. She is superb  :D

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