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but the double standards are always amazing, having to pay for its an issue but having to sell it is just fine


 :D +1

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It was never really hello, you were sussed in yoru first post, This is probably common for you as I suspect your life is a catalogue of failures  :hi:

It was never really hello, you were sussed in yoru first post, This is probably common for you as I suspect your life is a catalogue of failures  :hi:

reading through some of the old topics, his style is like lady poppy seems like same person

The original posting may have been a fable.

But I guess it may well be the case that a goodly proportion of young WG's starting work soon find out its not for them, or in some other way prove totally unsuitable for the job.

Certainly I operate on the basis of that guess, and am very reluctant to see any WG younger than mid-twenties. (Mind you... always likely to fall for the "beauty trap".)

I would have to agree and once fell into that beauty trap with a gorgeous 19 yr old Polish girl calling herself Mia working from a very interesting location in a luxury block of flats in St John's Wood.

I had booked for an hour @ £120. She was somewhat shy and I thought at the time a bit too good to be true. She seemed quite inexperienced but after a decent workup with some kissing but not really dfk, some 69 owo, RO and light fingering she suddenly feels queasy and after about 20 mins but before any penetration, halts the action apologising that she suddenly felt unwell. Being a bit unaccustomed to having this effect on a woman...there was not a lot I could do really except give her the benefit of the doubt and some time to recover.

The Madam was on the premises and Mia returned after 5 mins or so with 40 quid apologising again profusely saying she really was unwell. There was no chance of a full refund though I tried to suggest maybe 60 back would be more appropriate as we hadn't really gotten very far.

At this point she lays the old " you pay for my time/company and not what we do" number...ie the half hour rate which was 80 quid. Clearly this had been rehearsed and fed to her by the Madam as the thing to say.

She actually texted me the following day to apologise yet again saying she was now feeling better.

I looked for her profile the following week intending a re-match on my preferred terms, only to find the profile had switched to another girls name with totally different photos. I emailed her about Mia and she replied saying she was a friend of Mia's who had just decided to give it all up.

Never seen any of her photos or a new profile since anywhere on Awank so it would appear the life of a Working Girl maybe was just not for her...
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What is going on with this thread it was bumped by a then banned newbie and then the follow up posts deleted.  It's like the twilight zone or something.
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