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Author Topic: Daniella of Pheonix club  (Read 590 times)

Offline secular

Just went to my first party and it was fantastic. The star of the party being Daniella who is really hot I mean really hot no exaggeration. She was very enthusiastic in sacking and fucking all those cocks. Does anyone know if she does 1-2-1.
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Offline secular

Also I'll be writing a full review of my experience at the party soon. Me being in my early 50s and not being in great shape (I am very skinny )  fucking and getting my old cock sucked by the girls was a fantasy come true.
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Offline vt

I think Daniella is just about the only girl surviving since when I started going to LMP (fore-runner of Phoenix) 4 years ago, so I've met her a number of times over the years. She's a bright girl, speaks excellent English, we tease each other & she cracks me up with her dry sense of humour. She was complaining about aches her aging limbs last time I saw her, but she still has the body of a 22yo in my view!!  :D

Pretty sure this is her here...she's Romanian, not Czech...I think it's one of those places where there are lots of extras...so it won't be cheap...


Offline yumyum3

Fully agree with you, secular. I didn't know she was still there. My favourite. Just when I think I can't get another hard on or make another pop, she raises my dick from the dead and has me in spasms 5 mins before I'm due out the door  :D

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