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Author Topic: Cristal Seductive HNDF  (Read 613 times)

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I finally arrange to meet the HNDF new apprentice Cristal, which proved hard due to her unavailability. I guess that The Factory has high standards to maintain and has intensive and rigorous QA and taining for its newbies?
Usual form, met at door in casual wear and asked to remove shoes. The photos on her profile are accurate, she has a great body that most 20 yr olds would be jealous of and a marvelous if man made rack. She is pretty but I would say not the early 30’s her profile portrays, more late in my opinion but that’s no problem, just wish they did not feel the need to lie. (note to me – speak to HNCF QA dept.)
Sorted out paperwork and handed a towel for the obligatory shower. I reentered the bedroom before Cristal, who appeared a few minutes later in some very sexy underwear. Straight into an embrace with light kissing, hands roaming and soon kissing became more intense with her showing the little fella some attention too. A little head with me standing and then onto the bed where I received a great body rub and she uses those top bollocks to full effect. More oral and she let me explore her and rub her, even grabbing my hand at one point and returning it to her clit. I think she must have been enjoying it, she was dripping wet (boy am I good, or is she just horny mmmmmm?)
More dfk with plenty of eye contact and Cristal keeping the not so little fella entertained at this stage. On with the coat and into cowgirl – did not last long. 
We cleaned up and tried to have a little conversation whilst getting our breath back, she is learning English so bear with…………….some funny moments too. Cristal gave a very good massage, one of the best form a WG that I have received.
Onto second round, instigated by her and more of the same, this time with me licking her juicy slit, which again she seemed to enjoy and we very wet again. No over exaggerated moaning either. She raised the little fella into a state of readiness and again put the coat on and this time doggy and mish with her wrapping her shapely legs around my waist and pulling me in, all the time kissing with lots of tongue action and I unloaded round two in that position. At this time the hour was up, but there was no urgency to get me out of the door and she even came into the shower and washed my back, giving the little fella a playful flick too.
Definitely will be back, to help her with her English studies, of course ;-)

1 review(s) found for Cristal Seductive x linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Corus Boy

Sounds like standards are being maintained!  :D

Offline Redevil86

She sounds great, does the business , ticks the boxes, on h l she goes !

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