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Author Topic: Adultwork emails - check service  (Read 1236 times)

Online Marmalade

Latest piece of news seems worthy of mention:

"Further to our longstanding issues with delivering mail to Yahoo, we are now experiencing a more specific problem meaning that no emails are being delivered to any Yahoo email address, (.co.uk, .com, .fr etc.).  Despite meeting all their requirements and having had no issues over the last few months, they've taken umbrage at something and are now refusing to accept mail from our servers, giving us this ambiguous document as a troubleshooter.

"We subscribe to all of their requirements and so again, presume they are acting off the reports that members are making stating that our emails to them are spam.  Evidently it is easier to report our mails as spam than manage your mailing preferences, (here).

"We can only apologise for the inconvenience non-delivery of email is causing you and advise that if you do not change your registered email to another provider (such as GMail or Hotmail), your email address will most likely become unverified (as is a requirement laid down by Yahoo when they refuse to accept mail for any particular address), which in turn will invalidate your AdultWork.com membership.

"As the document from Yahoo usefully advises, they will not tell us what the problem is, which makes it very hard to resolve it.  Also their checks and procedures are only evaluated every day or so which means it can take days to get matters resolved."

There's quite a bit more - also affecting some SMS and notifications - see the update page, https://www.adultwork.com/CurrentStatus.asp

Offline Steve2

Good info M

I use googlemail and mail.com. Both seem to work well

Latest media on UKEscorting.com (free site!)